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The Latest Trends for The Online Gaming Industry

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 13, 2016

Even those who never thought of themselves as ‘gamers’ have found themselves playing popular titles.


Playing games in the comfort of your home using your PC, phone or another device has never been easier. Online gaming has become a huge industry and every day; it carries on growing. Portable devices have made it possible for all gamers to game on the go. Even those who never thought of themselves as ‘gamers’ have found themselves playing popular titles.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the latest online gaming trends:

F2P: Free To Play Games

Free to play games have become a popular trend and regular feature in online gaming. Since Age of Empires, which unfortunately got shut down, there have been many other similar multiplayer online battle games that have taken the online gaming community by storm. They continue to look secure for the foreseeable future, showing no signs of losing favour.

One of the most significant points for their popularity is due to them being free to play. The latest console games can set you back $50 or more. Their accessibility is harder to gain, and they’re also less portable. Online games can get accessed on any PC, laptop, Chromebook, tablet and other devices. Who doesn’t like a game that’s entertaining and totally free?

Online Bingo and Casino Games

One of the most popular games for people to play is online bingo. A huge range of individuals play this type of game; men and women from ages 18 plus. Many people find online bingo to be more entertaining and also convenient as they don’t need to travel to a bingo hall. Here are just a few of the benefits to playing bingo online:

  • You don’t need to sit in silence while you’re playing. You can still be social with your family and friends.
  • Most of the sites offer chat rooms where you can make friends, just like you would at a bingo hall.
  • You don’t need to worry about missing a number callout. Due to online bingo being automatic, the game will register any number that matches your bingo card. This feature gives you plenty of time to get on with other things.
  • You can still play bingo with your friends. Have a night in where you buy pizza and snacks and drink your favorite beverage. Or, you can play against your friends online.

Another latest genre trend for online gaming is casino games. In the last few years, they’ve gained popularity, and their market is looking to grow even further. Just like in a physical casino, you’re able to play online versions of Blackjack, Slots, Poker and more.

Online Mobile Gaming


Installing games to play on your smartphone has become increasingly popular. There are thousands of app games easily available at the touch of a screen, and many of them are free to download. A lot of people enjoy playing mobile games over console titles.

Due to the wide range of games that have become available to smartphones and tablets, whatever type of game you prefer to play, whether it's puzzles, shooting, casino or another kind, there’s something for everyone.

All over the world, thousands of people are downloading mobile games every day. Below are some global mobile gaming stats telling us where app games get most commonly installed and used in the world:

Top Countries Using Android For Game Installs

  • China: 30.7 percent
  • USA: 8.8 percent
  • Brazil: 5.5 percent
  • Russia: 4.4 percent
  • Mexia: 2.8 percent
  • Others: 47.8 percent

Top Countries Using iOS For Game Installs

  • China: 32.5 percent
  • USA: 19.9 percent
  • Japan: 8.4 percent
  • UK: 4.8 percent
  • Russia: 2.7 percent
  • Others: 31.6 percent

Mobile gaming has become a whole new industry; with powerful processors, larger screens, and easily accessible content, mobile app games are significantly challenging portable consoles such as the Nintendo DS and PSP.

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