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by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, December 11, 2007

By now everyone's Christmas wish list is out and about waiting to be fulfilled...the process is overwhelming...the shopping spree is on...

It is the season to be Merry-Ho Ho Ho!!! The day to

celebrate the birth of the Son of God is drawing near. Christmas is in two weeks to come and the shopping throngs are going totally crazy. The ball is definately rolling in the court of the Shop owner and even shop keeper (bonuses for good sales are sure to crop up). I sometimes wonder if people still remember the birth of Jesus or are they more caught up in making sure that they fulfil their Christmas shopping list. This Christmas hasn’t made me fact, I am not yet in Christmas Mode...what I want for Christmas is one of those priceless things that isn’t exactly tangible and so my tall request to God and Santa may not be fulfilled. My unfulfilled wants aside, I have successfully managed to do my Christmas shopping without askance.

I am a firm believer of Last this case last minute shopping. The most scarce of things tend to emanate a day or two before Christmas...the price may be a bit exorbitant but one ends up getting that item that seems to have been marked as ‘Out of Stock’ or so ‘last season.’ I don’t know if you share my sentiments but I have always liked buying people gifts that I know they would want. There has always been that question criss crossing in my mind; what’s the point of buying people gifts that they may ‘OOO ?& aaahhh’ about and then keep locked up somewhere, perhaps to retrieve when they know you are visiting.

I have done some snooping around and one of the top wanted items this Christmas is the Nintendo W II which for some reason has become a rare gem, coveted by several and the shops are holding out claiming that they are out of stock; but sometimes these dear enterprising business people must think some of us were born yesterday with no knowledge of the supply or demand curve or knowledge of influencing buyer’s trends. I have calmed all those in the quest for the Nintendo W II to hold out a little bit more and ‘stay put’ because it will appear sooner than later. The more obvious Christmas must have item-Turkey will also have its price hiked for everyday that Christmas draws near, so clear out your freezer and head for the supermarket real fast. I dont want to sound alarming but during the Christmas period there is the stage of 'Now you see it, now you dont, Now we have it, now we have sold out.' The list is endless and with the rise of several trends, it is a wonder that this gift giving business is still making people insatiate and unappreciative.

That aside, I always get an adrenaline rush whenever I see the mobs running asunder on the high streets, bumping into one another. Most shops have beefed up their security as shop lifting takes on its toll at about this time. I guess desperate times are calling for desperately seeming measures which is quite sad given that the Son of God was born in a manger, yes expensive gifts were bestowed on him but he lived a humble life. Of course one would argue that was centuries of years ago and modernity coupled with vanity has taken its toll on all of us unable to quench this thirst for want of more and more especially during this Christmas period.

Perhaps as we run around trying to buy that item on our Christmas shopping list, let us be thankful to God, for providing His Son and giving us a reason to go cuckoos for a little while to achieve some good for others.

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By Gary Schwind on December 16, 2007 at 10:33 am
It's not just Christmas shopping. I'm kind of tired of the whole Christmas season, especially the music. Of course, that's bound to happen when the Christmas push begins immediately after Halloween.
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