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Micromax PC Suite for Windows 7/8/XP Free Download

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 13, 2016

There are so many uses of PC suite and to take the advantage of all these you must make that available for you. You can easily transfer music, applications and images with the help of PC suite.

Micromax can be easily termed as one of the major manufacturer of sleek mobile phones. It captured the market first with low on price but high on performance devices and now with the Canvas model it is trying to capture the high-end Smartphones market too. When you will compare the features that Micromax provides with some other high end devices then you will see that it is almost at par with them but the price is much lower. This technique has helped Micromax a lot in getting a hold of the market and now when Micromax devices are all around therefore it is very important that the PC suite is also made available for the users. The PC suite is becoming more and more important because of the types of work that we do in our daily life with our Smartphones. Making the presentation by clicking pictures the variation is wide, and sometimes it is required that you connect your device with the computer therefore PC suite becomes very important. Micromax already had the official link from where you could have easily downloaded the PC suite, but due to some reasons it is said that the download link has been removed.

There are so many uses of PC suite and to take the advantage of all these you must make that available for you. You can easily transfer music, applications and images with the help of PC suite. You can also send SMS through this and make use of it as a modem too. In order to avail the facility you have to download Micromax PC suite for Windows.

Features of Micromax PC suite

Here we have listed some of the features for which PC suite can be used effectively.

  • The major feature of the PC suite is that it helps you in using your mobile internet connection as a modem
  • You can easily get internet connection either through the new connection of by dial up connection
  • You will have the opportunity to synchronize various images, messages , contact details and other media files to your PC
  • Data sharing between your personal computer and Micromax device is made possible by connecting the two
  • If you have all your favorite songs stored in one place on your computer, then with the help of PC suite you will easily be able to transfer all those songs to your Micromax device
  • User Interface is not that sleek but is trouble-free to use
  • Every multi-media format is supported by the Micromax PC suite
  • You will find everything arranged categorically for effortless use
  • Restoring backup files and creating them is also simple
  • The video files that you have on your Smartphone device can be viewed on your PC now
  • Memory View possible
  • You can take care of the settings of your Micromax device directly from your PC

Micromax PC Suite Free Download for Windows 7/8/XP

It must be tempting to know that there are so many features that you can use and now if you want to download Micromax PC suite for Windows then here is how you will be able to do that.

  • To get things started you need to download Micromax PC suite
  • Before starting the installation process on your PC you must open the compressed zip file and there you will have to select an application exe file
  • Now double-click on it and then choose extract to extract all the contents that is stored in the zip file
  • You might get multiple files and folders so amongst them you have to select phone suite application so that the installation process or the Micromax PC suite can get started
  • Now you will have the Micromax PC suite on your Windows OS ready to be explored
  • You can now get your Micromax device connected with USB cable and enjoy all the features of the Micromax PC suite

You have the PC suite ready therefore start exploring the software to the best of its ability. If you have ditched Samsung and HTC devices for the Micromax then you have taken the right decision and once you get the hang of Micromax PC suite you will be even more satisfied with the experience. Though it is said that the Micromax PC suit has an outdated interface, but as long as you are able to work fine with it then why complain. What’s the use of modern interface which are complicated to use? Make the most of this PC suites and have a great experience with your Micromax device.

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