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Richard Karn to Star in "How Santa Got His Groove Back"

by yesteryear (writer), Bay Area, December 11, 2007


Embattled former Home Improvement star is in talks to star in a re-interpretation of the film version of Terry McMillan's novel How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Best known for his role as Al Borland, Tim Allen's sidekick on the hit television series Home Improvement, Richard Karn has seen little acting work since the series ended in 1999.

Karn is said to be looking forward to the opportunity to once again don the red and white costume of "Jolly Old Saint Nick," a costume he originally wore for Home Improvement's Christmas episode in 1997.

McMillan's opinion of the film was made evident during her appearance on Larry King Live last week, when she was quoted as saying, "Taye Diggs' rotten, decomposing career will role over in its proverbial grave if this project moves forward." McMillan sold all future rights to her novel in 1998 when the original film version was made.

"I'm getting a lot of flack for this - because I'm Jewish," Karn said recently while standing in line outside a bakery near his home in St. Paul, Minnesota. "But I've been watching Tim release a Christmas movie every single year since Home Improvement ended. At first I was supportive. I was happy that Tim was making money doing what he loved. I even laughed a bit when I took my kids to see The Santa Clause. But by the time Christmas With the Kranks was released... well, we all knew then what he was really up to, didn't we? That's when I figured it was time for me to start cashing on on this load of bullshit as well."

When asked to comment on McMillan's denouncement of the film, Karn bashed his head through the bakery's plate glass window and belched loudly.

Karn made news most recently when he was indicted on a 2002 options backdating charge resulting from profits he earned working for the Howard Johnson Corporation. Karn's children's program, HoJo the Clown, aired briefly on the discount hotel chain's in-room entertainment channel.

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By yesteryear on December 12, 2007 at 03:37 pm
dear "anonymous reader", please keep reading my articles. your comment has given me a great idea for a new one! thanks bro!
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By yesteryear on December 13, 2007 at 02:09 pm
hey bro, check it out!!
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