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Trump Victory Exacerbates Racial Divide in NFL Locker Rooms

by herbertp343 (writer), , November 10, 2016

Whatever your opinion on the issue might be, there is very little talk about NFL betting and analysis going on.

The presidential elections are having quite a drastic impact on the NFL, and not in a positive way. While one portion of the locker room continues to celebrate Trump's victory, the other half is still heartbroken by Hilary's loss. Whatever your opinion on the issue might be, there is very little talk about NFL betting and analysis going on.

The racial divide in the NFL has never been greater than it is today, and Trump's victory just might make things worse. Numerous NFL players were quick to express themselves on the results, with outbursts becoming a fairly common occurrence.

B/R spoke to six white players from the NFL who were clearly elated by Trump's win, going on describe it as the change and revolution America needed to find its footing and recover from its past failures.

B/R also spoke to eight black players who thought that Trump's election was the worst thing to happen to America in recent history. One sentiment that kept popping up was the fact that Trump's election was designed to ensure that Black people were kept in their place.

There wasn't much introspection after the vote; rather, raw emotion and, especially, anger seemed to take over many of the conversations. And the fact that black and white people seemed to view Trump through very different lenses was very shocking.

There were white players who were certain that Trump's election would somehow improve NFL ratings and bring fans and players that much closer. Their view came from an assumption that Trump would create a more blue collar America.

Black players had a more sinister opinion on the issue; they seemed certain that, so long as they were on the field playing football, every fan in the stands, black or white, would root for them. However, they also suggested that outside the stadium, things would take on an uglier tone.

The idea that there is a gulf splitting the locker room isn't born of rumors and presumptions; the players themselves have spoken of this widening divide. And the election results are only going to exacerbate the issue.

There is no consensus to the conversations; there are equal portions of anger and happiness emerging from the NFL. There are as many people infuriated by Trump's win as there are those elated by his victory.

Of course, Barack Obama's election in 2008 also attracted some heat; though, things were not as tense as they are now. An AFC offensive starter went so far as to say that he couldn't trust anyone who would vote for Trump.

A white NFC player, on the other hand, had little patience for such arguments, instead saying that he was tired of Black athletes playing the race card. The fury with which black athletes spoke about Trump manifested amongst white Athletes when it came to Hilary Clinton.

Some called her a terrible person and didn't know what they would have done if she had won. The issue of Obamacare arose, specifically the fact that premiums were simply too high.

It is interesting that white players rejected the idea that race was part of the elections, while black athletes thought that it was right at the center. The consequences of Trump's victory will be felt in the NFL for some time to come.

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