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How to Choose Garden Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

by Stuartclocks (writer), , November 13, 2016

Do you know that only few specifically designed garden leaf blowers are proficient for long term to carry on their task without malfunctioning?

Do you know that only few specifically designed garden leaf blowers are proficient for long term to carry on their task without malfunctioning? Yes, only some of them offer the easiest way to be handled and used as well. Well, if your money was wasted last time for buying substandard garden leaf blower or if you want to be the prized owner of an effective one, then I have specially dedicated the post to help you get the best, since you deserve the best as well:-

It often happens that asking queries for oneself, helps to get the best possible solutions without we even realizing how easy the whole process actually becomes. So, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of enquiring ourselves regarding the following things:-

What is the area of my garden?

Well, the area of your garden determines the kind of machine you need in terms of both its size and power.

How easy it functions towards changing from blow to vacuum?

Yes, you need a sophisticated machine which is highly suitable to deliver both results. After all, you need to choose the function likewise based on the kind of the exact necessity at different places. In several machines, switching from blow to vacuum is as easy as pressing a switch. However, there are others where you need the whole process of configuring things up which is quite a time taxing procedure (needless to say)

What is the exact process which I am going to need the machine for?

Are you simply going to clear the area from the dried leaves by blowing or do you need to remove those smaller ones which are hidden at the edges? Well, importantly, you would need the machine for such similar tasks and it depends as per the nature.

Can it also pick up the wet leaves or light garden debris?

Yes, you need to know before finalizing the same. It’s important especially during rainy season or during winters when the overnight fog has dampened the area where the dried leaves are soaking wet.

What is the ideal weight which I can bear easily

Yes, sometimes, while searching for the sophisticated garden leaf blowers and vacuums, we give scant regard to its weight. Little do we realize earlier, that its heavy weight will become a source of inconvenience for you. Hence, be knowledgeable about this front as well.

How much space do I need?

They need protection from dust and covering them is something which you need to do whenever they aren’t in use. Based on what you can easily store in your home under such conditions, you should go ahead with it. For example, leaf blower vacs are spacious machines, but if your house doesn’t have sufficient space for them, then there are substitutes with telescopic nozzle.


Finally, what could be the most irritating, challenging, time consuming and boring task becomes quick, easy and speedy thanks to leaf blower and vacuum. Yes, now maintain the sanctity, beauty, charisma and awesomeness of your prized garden within few minutes.

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