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Not a Lonely Planet Anymore: 5 Tips on Circumnavigating the long tour

This guide will give you a better idea on how to prepare yourself when you are planning for a long tour.

Long-term travel is probably on top of anyone's bucket list. Nonetheless, for most people, this becomes a wish list only - after all, who can afford to put their lives on hold for a long time just to travel? A few decades ago, I would say not a lot. But with today's budget deals on air fares, hotels, and even adventures, my answer has changed to "anyone who puts their mind to it". Planning is the hard part, but with this easy-follow guide, you can be out the door in no time and hit the road to wherever you want to go. If you're now pumped to travel, what do you do next? Check this wonderful guide.

Calculate the cost

Even if you make it your life's mission, you cannot see all and do all that our amazing planet has to offer. The first thing to determine is how long you can take time off from your current life (unless you plan on making travel your next career) without upsetting your schedule too much. It's better to carve out as much time as you can, since its easier to come back early than pushing deadlines on the road. Most people plan on taking a year off, but ultimately, it's your decision.

At the same time, consider how much resources you can divert to this endeavor. Do you have a lot of savings to fund your trip? Are you planning on working your way through it? The cost of travelling varies from continent to continent, with Europe and North America being the most expensive. Don't just plan for the first few weeks of travel and decide to wing it for the remainder. You do not want to be away from your comfort zone without money. Don't let a tight budget stop you from seeing the world. The upside of today's technology is that you can find ways to work online and still travel. You can even blog about your travel and make it pay for it.

Documents and Insurance

Once you decide how long you have and the financing issues, your next step is to put together the documents you need. If you plan on seeing other countries, then you need a passport. You should also look into visa requirements for your intended travel. If you intend to work while travelling, make sure you have the proper documents. Many countries do not require a visa or simply give them out at the border for a fee. For some, it will take days or weeks to process, so know when, where and the procedure for processing all the visas you will need.
After your passport and visas, look into travel insurance. This is very important to long-term travelers. All it takes is for one mishap for your entire trip to go south. Study your options carefully, making sure that you will be covered for all your activities. Read the fine print - you don't want to be stuck on the mountain with a broken leg with an insurance that does not cover air ambulance. Figure out if there are gaps in your insurance and look for the appropriate coverage. There are countless things that can happen to you, travel insurance is the only way to prepare for unfortunate events.

Prepare Your Home For Your Departure

If you plan on coming back in the foreseeable future, you want to come back to your place the way you remember it. The best way is to entrust your place to a friend. That way, he can take care of your place, make sure the bills are paid, and keep your place safe. It would be nice if you could collect rent, too. Or if you do not want to deal with tenants, even trusted ones, you can work out an arrangement with a property manager. They can put it on Airbnb or Couchsurfing and maintain the property for a fee.
If you have to leave your place empty, write a list of to-do items before leaving to ensure that it does burn down or get burgled while you are away. Suspend memberships and subscriptions, and talk to your utility provider to temporarily disconnect them. Put your pet in a boarding place or leave it with a friend. Clean your fridge, hide your valuables and arrange for your mail to be forwarded.

Pack For Your Trip

You will be living out of your suitcase for a while, so make sure that you can fit everything you need there. Buy a sturdy luggage that can last through your trip. Choose one that is suitable for the place that you are going (for example, don't use wheeled luggage to the mountain). There are many best luggages suitable for long trip at affordable costs.These days, you should always make room for your own communication device. If you don't need to write, a smartphone can serve as your computer and camera. Don't forget the charger and/or power bank. Read and research the places you will visit to know the things that you need to bring.

Health and Safety

Most places in the world welcome tourists these days and are usually safe for visitors. Every place will have its own challenges, so the best thing to do to prepare is to read ahead. Know about prevailing scams and learn how to avoid them. Most of all, use your common sense. Get to see these gorgeous places in Europe.

No watches, no calendars, no worries - this is the mantra of long term travellers. While there are many things that can happen during your travel. The best way to prevent accidents and unfortunate events is to prepare.

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