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Is a 4 wheel driving the right choice for you?

by Stuartclocks (writer), , November 15, 2016

When you buy a car, you will look for a few important parameters before deciding on what is the best choice for your needs.

When you buy a car, you will look for a few important parameters before deciding on what is the best choice for your needs. Some of these parameters could include:

  • Mileage.
  • Performance.
  • Safety.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Budget considerations and so on.

There is also one more aspect that quite a large number of motorists consider and that is the 4-wheel drive.

Benefits of a 4-wheel drive

A 4WD option can deliver:

  • Greater performance for all-terrain vehicles or for off-road vehicles.
  • On demand’ performance that can be engaged with a lever or switch.
  • Variants – 4WD High and 4WD Low which can be engaged depending on the speed of the vehicle.
  • Durability because of proven technology.

However, the important question you have to answer is – do you need a 4-wheel drive? The decision is yours to make but here is some more information on this technology that can guide you along.


4WD is best for certain specific conditions – typically, these conditions arise when the roads are bad. For instance:

  • Roads covered in snow, mud and sand.
  • Uneven surfaces.
  • Off-road conditions undertaken for adventure!

4WD is not great for normal city driving. In fact, if you were to engage 4WD you will find your gas bills mounting up rather quickly.

Will you use it regularly?

Auto experts will tell you that 4WD systems work the best when they are in frequent use. Depending on your car model, you will need to bring it to a complete halt and then engage the 4WD system and then restart and move on. You will also need to pay attention to 4Hi or 4Lo because they get applied in different conditions.

For instance, 4WD High is good for slippery surfaces or when you are stuck in snow and ice. 4Lo is great when you need more power at a slow speed and for pulling power. You will also need to rotate your tires periodically to ensure smooth or even tread depth.

Budget considerations

4 wheel drives are more expensive than ‘regular’ cars. They also add to the weight of the car which could contribute to lower mileage. It would be useful for you to do a lot of market survey to find out which is the best option out there when it comes to cars which fit your budget – not just the initial cost but the operating costs as well. Should you decide to buy a vehicle that gives you the 4WD option then you should also remember that UsaRim sells GMC wheels which can help in increasing the performance of your car as well.

System differences

You should also keep in mind that the kind of 4WD will dictate the kind of driving you should do. 4WD systems can be full-time, automatic or part-time. Part-time 4WD systems should not be driven on dry or normal pavement because it can cause damage to the drivetrain.

It is good to keep in mind that 4WD is serious business. Most of the times it is great for off-road or bad road conditions.

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