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16-0...Truly Unbeaten?

by Keo Soto (writer), , January 03, 2008


The New England Patriots have gone 16-0, but most they win it all to best the '72 Dolphins?

Well, they did it. The New England Patriots were able to pull off a close win over the New York Giants Sunday night and become the first 16-0 team in the history of the NFL. More records were broken that night with Tom Brady setting the NFL Passing TD Record with 50 touchdowns (previously 49 by Peyton Manning), and Randy Moss broke the NFL Receiving TD Record with 23(previously 22 held by Jerry Rice).

But with a perfect season comes the comparison to the only other team to go unbeaten, the often talked-about 1972 Miami Dolphins. The question now arises, are the Patriots better because they won two more games? Or are the Dolphins better because they ended up 17-0 through post-season play to win the Super Bowl? The pressure now lies on the New England Patriots to go a record 19-0 to claim the Lombardi Trophy for the fourth time this decade. But should they fall in the playoffs, can they be called the best unbeaten team?

This critic's answer is no. In order to equal, or better yet surpass, what the '72 Dolphins did, the Patriots must win it all. Anything but would be a short fall for a team which has shattered records and proven that they are the best team in the NFL. However, best in the regular season doesn't always translate to the best in post-season. The 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers are a great example, going 11-5 as a 6th seeded playoff team to win Super Bowl XL over the Seahawks.

The Patriots have a chance to make (even more) history. But all we can do is speculate of what they could be until the playoffs start two Sundays from now.

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