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How NRIs Can Get Single Status Certificate in Australia?

by KimGill (writer), Mumbai, October 25, 2016

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Get Single Status Certificate

Call it CENOMAR or Single Status Certificate, getting it in Australia can be easy with the complete knowledge of documents to be submitted and guidelines

Marriage bells can ring any time for bachelors & adults. Living in the home town is a great advantage for them. The would-be spouse is not asked either for immigration papers or for apostille certificates. The parents/ guardians do mark their presence on this big day but only for blessing the couple. It’s an absolute pompous occasion for all. How hassle-free that celebration would be in the home town, isn’t?

But the situation is not similar, i.e. blissful, everywhere. The emigrant community has to encounter so many hassles of government formalities. It’s no less than the ordeal to pass for solemnizing wedding. Out of all such barriers, showcasing the proof of bachelorhood is a must.

Let’s comprehend what it is.

What is Single Status Certificate?

The face cannot depict if the person is married or single. To end this dilemma, some countries have derived a rule to abide by. Be it any (like an NRI, PIO, OCI or any other) the rule seeks a valid proof of an individual’s single status who is intended to be married. The document that certifies that the person is single is called CENOMAR or Single Status Certificate.

Being single does not imply the person is unmarried. This certificate identifies the person can be divorcee and leading the life of single individual.

When do you need it?

Primarily, this certificate is sought with the intention of marriage abroad. Everyone has a right to choose the spouse from anywhere for spending the whole life with. However, love accepts no boundaries but the government has provisioned some mandatory rules. These are composed with the motto of saving citizens from the clutches of cheats.

The governments of various countries, especially of the European nations, have constituted laws to check the authenticity of the person’s bachelorhood. The countries like Philippines, Indonesia, UK, US, Australia and many more have made this certificate mandatory to produce.

A few nations issue it for a particular period. Subsequently, it must be renewed before its expiry.

Who can get it?

Almost all countries’ natives are authorized to apply for it in their residence country. For example Australian authority issues it for a specific period. It’s the period during which the person holds its citizenship.

It fulfills the desire to settle down with the spouse of foreign. So, the person with such intention is also classified as eligible for it.

Australia has set up criteria for registering marital/bachelorhood status of every person. It has segregated age-group for immediate recognition of the registered person. The first group is meant for children of 1 to 10 years while the second one comprises teenagers between 11 and 20 years. The last group’s age is set between 21 and 30.

From where can one get it?

Australia has NSW that delivers it to its citizens. In India, this certificate can be obtained from the SDM (Sub- divisional Magistrate) or court authority. And in Philippines, its ISO authority that issues this authentic document.

Likewise, every country has its own department or competent authority to take care of this requirement,

Which documents are required for it in Australia?

  • ID proof (with its three forms); it can be Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, Passport, Driving Licence, Firearm Licence, Foreign Passport, Age Card, Medicare Card, Credit/Debit card, Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs Card, Security Control Science and Recent utility account with residential address.
  • A letter of authority (like power of attorney, if it is withdrawn on behalf of anyone)
  • 3 ID forms of the person holding authority of the real applicant.

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