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Serbia is Being Rediscovered

by Jerry Nelson (writer), , October 22, 2016

Serbia, of all places, is quickly becoming a tourist destination. Located in the central Balkans, many wealthy families are purchasing citizenship by investment in the historic country.

Serbia is Being Rediscovered by Tourists and Discerning Individuals Seeking a New Home

Serbia, in the Balkans, is quickly becoming a tourist destination in Southern Europe. With a populace of just under 10 million, Serbia is engaging individuals from all over the world that want to start a new life.

In the summer, visitors spend their time in Belgrade enjoying the national parks. Winter time finds travelers in one of the numerous mountain resorts including Kopaonik — one of the best ski destinations in Europe according to the BBC.

Serbs are warm and welcoming people — particularly towards foreigners. Most Serbs speak English and enjoy practicing it. Older Serbians are more comfortable with German or French. A language barrier practically doesn’t exist, so asking directions won’t be a challenge. In Belgrade’s streets, a traveler will hear German, Italian, French and English.

Serbia has been overshadowed by Yugoslavia. In many ways, Serbia is still neglected and is waiting to be rediscovered. A varied and beautiful place, the plains of Vojvodina remind many of the movie Dr. Zhivago.

Seventeen Roman Emperors were born in what today is Serbia. Each of the rulers built monuments and palaces close to their birthplace and one of the oldest human settlements ever found in Europe is in Serbia.

Europe’s longest river, Danube, finds its longest stretch in Serbia. The huge hydroelectric dam, Dierdap, created a lake out of the Canyon Djerdap

Serbia is the crossroads of European history. The result is a blending of cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Serbs are hospital and welcoming; a fact reflected in Belgrade being chosen as one of the up-and-coming European capitals.

A traveler may find more attractive locations somewhere else, but Serbia possesses a spirit and soul that is rare to find when coupled with a variety of cultures and a gusto for the good life.


Serbia’s geography is varied. In the north are lush and fertile plains while limestone ranges and basins are found in the east. The southeast is hilly and mountainous with the highest elevation being Deravica at 2656 m.


Christmas, as celebrated by Eastern Orthodoxy, falls on January 7 and the Orthodox New Year lands on January 14. St. Vitus Day on June 28 and Victory Day, May 9, are important state holidays. Retails outlets, including supermarkets and malls, stay open year-round except for January 1 and 7. Scattered through the calendar year as well are several designated day on which only members of specific religious groups are given time off. For instance, in Subotica, where there is a growing Catholic population, most shops close December 25; it’s Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar.


Serbian currency is the Serbian dinar (RSD). The dinar is exchangeable in most banks across Europe. In addition to banks, currency can be exchanged at the airport as well as visibly market authorized exchange centers — ubiquitous through the urban areas of the nation. Official exchange shops display the National Bank of Serbia seal, but the raters are better at the many unofficial exchange offices.


Since St Kitts/Nevis started the initial Citizenship-by-Investment program, many nations have replicated their idea.

Serbia is the most recent national to implement a program which allows foreigners to gain citizenship by investment. The Serbian government has reviewed other nation’s programs and taken what was best, improved upon existing ideas and tossed out what doesn’t work. The result is a streamlined, international program which is attracting people from all walks. Possibly the most notable individual to utilize Serbia’s program is Hollywood star and martial arts expert Steven Seagal.

Serbia’s review of what is working in other countries has resulted in possibly the most streamlined program. With a wide-ranging choice of investments, a person can obtain Serbian citizenship with options that fit their billfold, desires, and lifestyle.

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