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6 Simple Ideas to Create a Traditional Bathroom Suite

by Aldys Smith (writer), , October 21, 2016

If Victorian or Edwardian styled things mesmerize you, then traditional bathrooms are the right style choice for your bathroom.

If Victorian or Edwardian styled things mesmerize you, then traditional bathrooms are the right style choice for your bathroom.

Traditional bathrooms have a unique charm to it, and they also feel like a relaxing spa with their elegant hues. Here are some simple ideas to create a traditional bathroom suite that is sure to look great and feel super comfortable.

Work across eras

Designs of 1940s are vastly different from the styles of 1950s. You can consider blending these different styles for a new traditional style. For example, you can pair a colonial style accessory from the 1940 with a classic pink of the late 1950s to create a new blend. Alternately, a rounded bathroom tub with a black tile work can look different, and yet traditional. Even decorative touches from different eras add to the fun of creating a traditional bathroom.

Choice of materials

A few decades back, people used only natural materials for houses as much of the modern technologies were non-existent at that time! If you're recreating a traditional bathroom, it would be best to use natural materials. Top-quality wood is the perfect choice for benches, chairs or cabinets while stone is ideal for countertops.

Since surfaces are an integral part of traditional bathroom suites, make sure you spend some extra time coming up with the right materials for every surface. The countertops of most traditional bathrooms tend to be of natural and faux-like materials like stone and granite, while hexagonal, subway and penny are the right shapes for wall and floor tiles. Iron, copper and bronze are a good choice for lamps, faucets and other hardware. Sometimes, you can mix and match these traditional designs to add a personal touch to your space, and to make it look and feel welcoming.


While picking linens for your traditional bathrooms, opt for simple and straightforward lines. It's a good idea to keep the theme uniform throughout by using the same design for shower curtains, floor mats and window shades. Common color choices for traditional bathrooms are whites, browns, reds, blues and greens.

Large windows

A distinguishing feature of traditional bathrooms is its large window. You can get creative here and come up window designs that best match your theme. For example, you can do an arched window to match a sculptural tub, or just have large plain windows that overlook a nice scenery. Imagination is your limit here, but ensure that your window design goes well with your overall decor.

Antique accessories

To add an extra touch of antiquity, look around for accessories such as large chandeliers, traditional mirrors, old-fashioned wood table, rocking chair and just about anything else that you think fits well in your traditional theme.


Your fixtures are the central piece of your bathroom, so opt for traditional models like cast-iron taps and claw-foot tubs while shopping for cheap bathroom suites. Browse through the offerings extensively before deciding on the right one.

In short, classic designs are always an in-thing because they make you feel so comfortable in your bathroom. Also, the classy looks would want anyone to stay in the bathroom forever!

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