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Elite Serum RxReview

by Editor (editor), , October 18, 2016

Our eyes have to withstand fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and sagging skin. An effective eye cream should be able to work on all of these areas at once.

The eyes are one of the first body parts to show signs of aging. This is mostly due to the thin delicate skin surrounding your eyes that leave it more prone to sun damage, free radicals, genetics and improper skincare. Our eyes have to withstand fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and sagging skin. An effective eye cream should be able to work on all of these areas at once.

Elite Serum Rx

Elite Serum is a trusted product largely thanks to the reputation of the creator company SkinPro. The company has designed and sold many of these products since 2009. Developed from a renowned cosmetic pharmacist, this is one serious product.

Product Claims

According to their official website it is written that Elite Serum delivers a strong dose of Hyaluronic acid and other seaweed extracts that moisturize your skin. The fine lines within the skin surface are filled, reducing crow’s feet resulting in a younger look for any user. Other powerful peptides in use are SYN-COLL, Haloxyl, SNAP-8, Eyeliss, and Argireline among others. They specifically focus on the lost collagen, fibronectin and elastin in your skin.

Why It Works?

Elite Serum Rx uses some of the best peptides across the globe from top manufacturers. SkinPro works hand in hand with top companies to ensure their formulas are regularly updated. There are several versions of the serum available. To be sure you are purchasing the Elite Serum Rx edition you can visit the official website or shop credible ecommerce websites recommended by the company. The Rx actually signifies the latest edition.

Elite Serum Rx is made of medical ingredients, seaweed and contains peptides which improve the skin around your eyes. Its scientific formulation has been perfected to be less of an irritant. As much as it is a combination of several ingredients, it remains light to wear with other creams. For best results, apply it every morning before leaving the house and at night before bed.


· As long as you follow the simply instructions you have nothing to worry about:

· Ensure that your face is clean and dry.

· Place a drop of the serum on your finger and gently rub under your eye.

· Repeat the process two times in a day.


Argireline – It is regarded by leading experts as a way of reducing the depth of wrinkles without using any needle.

Haloxyl – This peptide reduces the dark circles and puffiness under your eyes.

Matrixyl 3000 – Among the top effective and respected peptides utilized in the anti-aging industry today. The natural skin proteins such as elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid reduce wrinkles and reverse aging.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are impressed by its packaging. There is a syringe for usage which releases a suitable product amount. To apply it around your eye you only need a little bit of product. The syringe ensures that the product is placed in an air-tight packaging preventing exposure to open air. This also prevents the product from contamination through constant contact.

The Elite Eye Serum is not oil based but comes in the form of a gel which is quickly absorbed into your skin. Upon use the moisturizing and hydrating effect is felt immediately. Unfortunately, there are some users who experience a light tightening skin effect. This is not an allergic reaction but rather the effect from the seaweed’s jelly texture.

A good number of people began witnessing positive results after four weeks provided they used the product according to the stated instructions. Popular opinion among most reviews is that the users must be patient before realizing anything close to their expectations.


Elite Serum Rx might cost more than other brands but it is completely worth it. SkinPro offers its customers a replenishment program which saves them money.

Final Verdict

Elite Serum Rx is among the best eye skin care products worldwide. Several fundamental peptides are combined in a single product meaning you do not have to purchase three or four different products to get the same results. In barely a period of 4 weeks the results witnessed were remarkable proving that the product is legit.

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