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Everything about Airless Paint Sprayers

by lenardjohnson (writer), , October 18, 2016

Today the use of airless sprayers becomes more and more popular and it is obvious because these simple machines can significantly simplify the whole process of painting. The main two way of simplifica

The great thing about airless sprayers is also about the fact that you can paint basically everything with it, whether it is a wall, a piece of furniture, a car, or even some RIM equipment. The basic operation process of an airless paint sprayer is as follows. The machine pumps paint at a very high pressure through a very tight hose and then it goes out of a tiny hole in the tip of a spray gun. The tip evenly breaks up the paint into spray. With the help of different tips you are able to spray thin liquids with flawless quality of coating. Furthermore, when using airless spray machines you can easily save a bunch of money on paint because this kind of equipment requires two to three times less paint than brushes or roller for covering the same surfaces. It means that airless sprayers are a perfect option especially if you plan to cover pretty large surfaces and the scale of your work is huge.

Airless Sprayers: Rent or Buy?

When you are planning any renovation project, the main thing to consider is whether to buy or rent the required equipment. Most people prefer buying the required units because they believe that in the future all that might be of some use. But we would like to have a close look on the issue.

The primary price for airless spray machines in the market is about $200. At his point it is worth mentioning that higher price does not guarantee you more features. But the higher price of a unit, the bigger and better motor and pump you can get. As a result, you can get longer life span and trouble-free operation. When you have your own paint sprayer, it means that anytime you can dye the missing parts or renovate your home and furniture regardless of any circumstances. If you have a big home or plan a huge renovation, getting a unit makes pretty good sense.

In case you do not need to use a paint sprayer often and you know it beforehand, renting a unit for a one-time occasion can be a great way out. Today you can find spray machines for rent at about $75 per day. The only tip for you is to check the hose and pump’s operation capabilities and cleanliness as well as working condition of filters before you rent a machine.

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