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Narrow Aisle Forklift – Your Beginner’s Guide

This article will lead you through the process of buying a narrow aisle truck based on the cargo characteristics.

In addition to determining the maximum load capacity required of the forklift you should take into account the size and position of the center of gravity of the transported goods. If the center of gravity is higher than the standard size of 610 mm, which is used in determining the rated capacity of the narrow aisle forklift, the latest information should be recalculated.

We must also remember that when installing additional lifting devices permissible payload of the car is reduced, so you have to choose more powerful very narrow aisle trucks. So, in this section should be evaluated:

  • The size of the cargo;
  • Location of the center of gravity;
  • Types of goods (pallets, steel pallets, rolls, iron barrels and so on);
  • If you need a special lifting devices;
  • Weight of goods;
  • Stacking height;
  • Availability of special requirements for transportation (fragility or brittleness of cargo, the nature of the surface, and so on).

The operating mode of the narrow aisle reach forklift

In some case the narrow aisle reach forklift used only a few times a day, in the other - the drivers have to "chase" them almost continuously several shifts in a row. Such differences in operational load cause different requirements for the machine. Make sure that the narrow aisle reach forklift complies with the conditions of work for which it was designed. For this purpose it is necessary to determine:

- The number of shifts per day, the number of working hours per shift, the number of working days per week;

- The intensity of usage (heavy, medium or light conditions).

Brand selection

Most companies prefer to standardize its fleet of narrow aisle trucks, for several reasons: the operators become accustomed to use the controls of machines; maintenance works are familiar to the mechanics; there is the positive experience of operating the narrow aisle reach forklift in the past; well-established relations with the dealer, and there is a reliable technical support. Thus, when choosing a narrow aisle reach forklift, we need to set:

  • The ability to timely and quality service maintenance of the machine;
  • Availability of spare parts (Stock Availability dealer);
  • Preference of drivers to a specific brand;
  • Preference for a particular dealer (the proximity of the Dealer enterprise);
  • The possibility of standardizing of the equipment fleet.

The type of the narrow aisle reach forklift

For certain operating conditions are suitable only a certain type of forklift. For example, electric forklifts are not suitable for permanent outdoor use; trucks with internal combustion engines (ICE) are rarely used for intensive indoor use; for use in potentially explosive atmospheres you need a forklift of special design and so on.

In more detail it can be represented as following:

  • The operator controls the forklift while standing;
  • The operator controls the forklift while sitting;
  • Electric Forklift - three- or four-wheeled;
  • ICE forklift - using liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, gasoline, diesel;
  • Tires - solid rubber or pneumatic;
  • The forklifts of special purpose - high permeability, in a special version;
  • Other.

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