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Essential Info about Choosing a Catalytic Converter

by lenardjohnson (writer), , October 18, 2016

Different marketing tactics existing today on this market may be the cause of this fact which makes the process of finding the best catalytic converter a pretty tough task.

Many years ago, one was able to replace his or her catalytic converter when it had become plugged or if your car had failed a regular smog check. Contemporary cars now feature special on-board diagnostics which was created to monitor catalytic operation and so set catalytic related codes if any kind of fault is detected. The most frequent codes are P0420 or P0430 which if put into the easy explanatory words can be decoded to simply indicate that the converter system on bank number 1 or 2 has failed and requires replacement or renovation.

Before replacing the old catalytic converter that has fail to perform, according to the experts from Catalytic Exhaust who offer catalytic converter for sale, the best idea for you will be to find out why the original catalytic converter system failed. Experts also say that, unfortunately, no universal cause for such failures exists, but as a rule it is a failure in the fuel management systems which is to be blamed for. Some cars have a long history of catalytic converter problems because of the design defects or any faulty programming, others may become the result of extremely poor maintenance, and still there are some that can be caused by simple physical damage. No matter what cause you find, if it is still not corrected, and even after solving it the problem may return, and a lot of these problems will definitely leave tale signs that can void your warranty.

The most popular approach is to do a full tune up. This action helps ensure that in case the cause of catalytic converter failure was in fuel management then the offending part can and will be replaced as part of the general maintenance package. However, the definition of tune-up itself can vary. Good tune-up maintenance will consist of the following definite parts: new spark plugs and wires, new fuel filter, new air filter, and oil change. When performing catalytic converter replacement experts also advise to replace all the upstream O2 sensors, especially those which were on the same bank as the failed catalytic converter. Also a lot of problems that may damage a catalytic converter will also definitely damage the O2 sensors.

After you resolve the fuel management issues, you need to find the correct catalytic converter. Keep in mind that catalytic converter systems are not so simple products. There are a lot of differences and variations in the quality and performance of various brands, and even within brands, there are many differences in quality between the product lines. As a rule of thumb, you always want and have to get particulate filter diesel systems that you have paid for, so do not try to save at this point. However, keep also in mind that price should not be the decisive factor in your choice of a new system. Different marketing tactics existing today on this market may be the cause of this fact which makes the process of finding the best catalytic converter a pretty tough task.

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