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Top 5 Online Gaming Industry Trends

by Stuartclocks (writer), , October 18, 2016

The technological advancement has literally made us hostage to the “beauty”, “charisma”, “power”, “glitter” and “craze” of the online gaming industry.

The technological advancement has literally made us hostage to the “beauty”, “charisma”, “power”, “glitter” and “craze” of the online gaming industry. Yes, it is continuously skyrocketing.

Have you ever forsaken your breakfast, lunch or even dinner just for proving yourself in the ongoing games?

Chances are “yes”, you would have. After all, considering the lists of surprises which are associated with the gaming industry, I am coming up with the top 5 online gaming industry trends which shows about interesting, captivating and mind-blowing online games where passing “even hours” may not be enough

Gaming industry has risen thrice since 2005

Can you believe that the online gaming industry which stood at $13.8 million way back in 2005 is now a $41.4 billion dollar industry? Well, there is a massive but healthy prospect which one can relate to this sector for sure.

Online profits

Do you know that “mobile gaming” along with “free to play games” have been the most obvious statistics? These features have been instrumental towards enhancing the growth of gaming industry and are estimated to cross $40 billion in 2017, from a staggering $24 billion in 2012. Quite like Paper Minecraft which stands to its name of being quite an electrifying game. It potentially makes players at the edge of seat by “powering” them with practically implementing the series of imaginative steps for creating a beautiful world of their dreams. They can put their imaginative power to better use towards creating a beautiful house or an astonishing castle. The part of the game entails them to use the available stones, wood, rocks, coal and iron for building the structure. So put your creativity and fantasies to better and exciting use and experience the extent of craze and excitement you will actually surround yourself while you enjoy it.

Female gamers are almost half

This may be surprising to you, but no one can deny the reality about whopping 50% of female gamers are actually the esteemed users. Yes, it is indeed a healthy aspect about the industry where girls and women actively take part towards ensuring excitement and happiness in their lives during their free time.

Unstoppable “boom”

As per the gaming industry including online casino games and many other trends to be believed, it is fast spreading to newer horizons with sophisticated, awesome and advanced games. It is creating a sense of “wow” moments for one and all. Yes, everyone seems to be so excited for experiencing the luxuries it actually offers as of now and it is expected to cross its own milestones and creates history.

Online gaming extends to elders alike

If you have been thinking that gaming industry is thriving due to people of a specific age who are simply crazy about the different genre of games, then you are wrong. Even their older counterparts aren’t far behind towards giving the recognition, power and an “esteemed place” to the industry which has certainly carved a niche for itself.

Final thoughts

Be a part of the long list of satisfied clients who have been experiencing “wow” moments through the continuous rise of gaming industry as online gamingmarket size 2016 is huge and it is becoming bigger too.

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