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You Shouldn't Miss Out on These Office Relocation Ideas

by Jirakee jones (writer), , October 17, 2016

There are a few things you can do to make the process run smoother and keep your employees and customers happy along the way

Office relocation is not an easy process, but it still must be done. If your company has never moved before, you will find out quickly just how complex and time-consuming the entire process is. However, there are a few things you can do to make the process run smoother and keep your employees and customers happy along the way. Below is a look at the top seven office relocation ideas that you don't want to miss.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most important aspects of any office relocation process. Be sure to plan all the vital moving details well ahead of time, such as transferring utilities from the old to the new location. Create a team within the company to help plan the various details of the move. If you have a larger company, you should select at least one employee from each department. This will ensure that nothing is overlooked. You also want to inform all your vendors, creditors and customers about your move well in advance and provide them with your new contact information.

2. Stay Organized

The last thing you want to happen is for the moving process to fall apart because you failed to stay organized. Every minute your business is shut down, you are potentially losing revenue. Create a checklist and make sure that every member of your moving team knows exactly what he is responsible for during the relocation process. The more organized you are before the relocation, the smoother the actual moving process will be and the less time your business will be closed.

3. Label Everything

Don't make the mistake of not labelling your boxes, furniture and equipment before you move. Things will be chaotic enough on moving day without having to worry about where everything goes. Having your boxes labelled or even colour-coded will make the moving process easier and make sure that everything goes exactly where it should. This is especially true if you are hiring professional movers.

4. Maintain Communication with Staff

Staff communication throughout the office relocation process is a must. Your employees must know exactly what is expected of them. For example, your employees want to know vital details in regards to the move, such as if they are expected to help with the move, will they be off work for several days, or do they have to take paid time off. In addition, relocation can be stressful for your employees, especially if they are left in the dark about the move. This communication should start as soon as the relocation planning process begins and continue to keep your staff updated as much as possible.

5. Bring In the Professionals

While your first thought may be to use your staff to help you move, but this idea can be very costly and time-consuming. You also risk having one of your employees injured or damage done to expensive equipment. It is best to hire moving professionals to help you relocated. Not only do these professionals know how to move even the heftiest and most awkward office equipment and furniture, but also they will carry liability insurance in case of an accident.

6. Hire a Rubbish Removal Service

No matter how well-planned you are or how good your team is at staying organized, you are likely to accumulate a large amount of rubbish during the moving process. The last thing you will want to do after a long and stressful move is to worry about how to get rid of all this leftover rubbish. The easiest way to get rid of all your unwanted trash is to hire a company that offers affordable office rubbish removal Sydney wide. They will come to remove your unwanted rubbish and safely dispose of it. Best of all, they will sort through your trash and recycle as much as possible.

7. Work with IT Team

It is crucial that your IT team plays a major role in the office relocation process. You want to minimize the effect your move may have on your company's website, emails and social media profiles. If you do not have an in-house IT team, it is best to hire IT professionals that specialize in office relocation. These experts can safely relocate your computers, networks and other digital components to minimize any downtime.

Keeping these ideas in mind when planning your office relocation will save you time and money during your move. It will also reduce frustration among your employees, customers and vendors.

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