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Buying Car Insurance Online – Myths Debunked

by Kriti (writer), , October 14, 2016

Even though online car insurance is quite popular, there are some myths surrounding it. Let's discuss them..

Internet has made our lives easier by making transactions faster. Net banking, online shopping and such online activities are very common these days. Buying or renewing the car insurance online is another task which is frequently done online.

Therefore, here are 7 myths that have been debunked with the fact:

1.“Buying Car Insurance online is costlier

One of the biggest myths that are prevalent around online transaction is that it is costly. But, the fact is online insurance is cheaper than offline insurance. Also, you can clearly see the other discounts that are given by the insurer like discount on installing ARAI approved anti-theft device, promotional codes etc.

2.“The online transaction is tricky, understanding the policies is not easy

People often have a wrong notion that online transaction is very difficult. Many of them consider that only tech savvy people can buy insurance online. It is also considered that it is difficult to understand the policy terms and condition.

However, the truth lies in the fact that online insurance is hassle free, it can be bought by anyone who knows how to access internet. Moreover, it gives you the power to include or exclude the add-on. The policy exclusions and inclusions are clearly mentioned on the insurer’s websites. Thus one can say that the online transactions are far more transparent.

3. “My details might never reach the insurer

When you submit a form for buying the insurance policy, the application might be easily misplaced or its pages can be lost by your agent. However, when you fill the online form, your details are directly fed to the insurer’s database.

Therefore, there are no chances that your details will not reach the insurer. Additionally, since the details are fed online, correcting any spelling mistake is very easy. On the other hand, while filling the form in writing, a simple spelling mistake at any point means that you need to fill a brand new form. This is sheer wastage of time and money and such scenarios do not occur in the online process.

4.“There is no proof when insurance is bought online

Most people think that the insurer can easily cheat you because you don’t have a proof of the online transaction. However, the fact is as soon as you complete the payment, the e-policy is sent to your registered email ID.

5.“Claiming the insurance is very tedious

The ease of claim settlement depends on your insurer and not on the mode of purchase of the policy. As for the claim settlement, many insurers let you request a claim, check its status and also furnish claim feedback via their websites.

Also, the same can be done by calling the insurer on their toll-free number. At present, many insurers offer you the cashless settlement facility across many garages and workshops, which are included in their network.

6.“Online Transactions are not safe.

A wrong notion, that online transactions are not safe, is prevalent. However, the truth lies in the fact that the online transactions are secure. The ‘S’ in HTTPS of the web-address stands for secured transaction. The data regarding your account details and pins is safe. The online payment can be made via net banking, credit card or debit card. Many insurers also support wallets to make online payments.

7.“There is inadequate or no guidance to buy online car insurance

A buyer can get adequate amount of guidance from the online purchase as well. One can either chat with the executive who is online on the website to clarify doubts if any, or he can also call on their toll free number, or can drop them a mail to buy the best car insurance online.

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