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Grid-Free, Sustainable 3,000 Square-Foot Property Under $100

by famousbloggerq (writer), , October 11, 2016

What is a good property to invest in? The sustainable one of course.

Tech Advantages Increase Affordability

Since 1998, the cost of installing a solar system on your house has dropped 70%. Where before, this “green” solution was without the reach of most homeowners, today it is more affordable than ever. This and other means of increasing the utility of your property, and subsequent value, will be explored here; as well as how these increases could lead to the construction of an entirely independent building.

Making The Solar Switch

A solar panel that is a meter by half a meter gives you an energy yield of 100 Watts an hour. A search on will reveal these panels usually cost around $140. A 3.1 kWh system will increase your property's value at a national average of $18,324.

3.1 kWh would require thirty-one $140 panels, which comes to $4,340. You'll also need a charge controller, likely some additional cables, a power-hub that stores the energy, and an inverter. You can likely get all that done for under $1000. If you have it installed by a professional group, it's not untoward to expect a final cost of about $6,000.

If you're already spending an average of $100 a month on your home's energy bill, at the end of a year's time, the cost of buying and installing a solar system that entirely covers the energy needs of your house is roughly what you would have paid for energy that year anyway. So it's like you're dropping $6k and getting paid $18k. Additionally, you can build your solar system one panel at a time, if necessary.

Energy Storage

For a solar system to yield requisite value requires energy from the panels be stored. A single car battery can cover most of a person's energy needs on a regular basis, when connected to a solar panel. An array of batteries connected to 31 panels will likely yield more than enough energy for most households; including heating, air conditioning, lighting, water, and everything else involved.

This will depend on your home's monthly energy consumption; so ensure you know as much before installing your system. Still, property value increases expand with a larger solar system.

The biggest advantage here is being perpetually energized without any need for the grid whatsoever. Even should the worst-case scenario happen and an electro-magnetic pulse knock out power across the country, solar panels will likely still work. You'd probably have to replace wires and power inverters, but only those that attached to the system when the pulse hit. Have a backup, and you're good even if the premise to Mad Max becomes a reality.

A Completely Sustainable Solution

With the housing market's current instability, many are seeking non-traditional architectural methods for living, storage, and business. There are now available extremely cost-effective, and architecturally green, options.

According to Fidelity Steel, “If you're looking for multiple garages, storage spaces, barns, airplane hangars, etc, then prefabricated steel buildings are right up your alley.” Especially in an emergency, being able to store something like an airplane on your property could be integral in maintaining autonomy.

One of the most recommendable options is this P-model structure. They can be purchased as wide as 30 feet, and as long as you'd like. A hundred foot structure like this is a 3,000 square foot space. If you're paying $20 per square foot, that's a $60k house.

Throw on a $5k solar panel system and spend another $10k on insulation/plumbing, and you just acquired a home you own this is entirely independent of all infrastructure for $75k. That's going to cost you multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars any other way, and it won't be sustainable or independent.

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