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Magento extensions features that will grow your business

by Stuartclocks (writer), , October 08, 2016

Are you aware as the owner of e-commerce portal, that the “simplest and easiest checkout” process will bring more sales?

Do you know a user friendly site with awesome navigation can actually bring loads of increasing traffic?

Are you aware as the owner of e-commerce portal, that the “simplest and easiest checkout” process will bring more sales?

Well, if you are looking for “wonderfully power packed tools” which can actually optimize search engines in most of your target countries like U.S, U.K etc, then interestingly Magento Extensions will do the work for you. Since, Amazon, Google shopping and eBay gives you the luxury of displaying your product links amongst host of never ending clients’ base.

Let’s take my post extremely useful with the detailed features of Magento extensions for your benefit:-

Magento Ads Extension

The basic trait of a successful business lies in the way it is marketed and now due to flexibility, simplicity and sophisticated techniques will make it way easier to promote your products with periodical campaigns as well.

Magento Countdown Timer

The biggest expectation of customers with any ecommerce portal lies on their curiosity of “when the site will display discounts, cashback offers, deals and coupons next”. Yes, now, it is way easier to let your esteemed customers know about it.

GoMage Product Designer

A lot is defined in the way you carry yourself. Yes, I am talking about your style. Now, you can express things through the way you dress. Be creative as the tool lets you design mugs, t-shirts etc. according to you.

Magento SEO extension

Do you feel that your lack of technical knowledge is hampering your chance to boost your site in search engine? Well, not any more though as the extension improves the place of your site and rank it top notch.

GoMage ProCart

As a customer, do you want to add purchased products directly to your cart without actually waiting to “direct” it to you or “load” unnecessarily? Now, with GoMage ProCart it is the reality.

GoMage Themes and Extensions Installation

Well, the most important but sadly overlooked aspect is we purchase the substandard or technically speaking “unfriendly” themes on the eyes of search engine. You may think you have saved money, but actually your problems will mount till the time you will invest thrice or four times of its actual cost. So, be sensible as years of experience, dedication, hard work and technical expertise have gone towards coming up with GoMage themes.

Magento Social Connector

There is certainly no way that you can actually save yourself in making any excuse about why you actually didn’t put social connecters on your portal. More so, as we consider their immense importance of late. Yes, as you take the service, you will be able to login with prominent connectors in the form of Facebook, Google+, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon

Final thoughts

In such a fast paced life, what’s important is to be aware about the list of those valuable features which will actually make your business grow in leaps and bounds. You get them here and you also know the extent of boost, it is probably going to ensure for your business. So start doubling your sales right from the first month itself.

I wish you best of all luck for your future endeavors.

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