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Know Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Actually Want to Eat

by EvlinSymon3 (writer), , October 07, 2016

Healthy Snacks Your Kids

It is always difficult finding healthy snacks your kids will eat. They always want donuts, potato chips, candy and everything they should not have.

It is always difficult finding healthy snacks your kids will eat. They always want donuts, potato chips, candy and everything they should not have. You have to be smart and on your game for when they come home from school and want their afternoon snack. It has to be light in order to not spoil their dinner, but keep them satisfied while doing their after school activity or sport. Here is a list of healthy snacks that your kids will actually want to eat.

1. Ants on a log with peanut butter. Kids love just asking for it because the name is so much fun to say! It is also a healthy food to lose weight with. It is celery with peanut butter and raisins on top. The raisins are ants and the log is the celery. If you kids do not like celery (I personally do not), then make it with a carrot instead so they still have a vegetable. It is low in carb, high in protein, and is made with a healthy fat. Just make sure you do not go over with the peanut butter.

2. Apples and peanut butter. I am a big fan of peanut butter when it comes to kids. It will help them to eat anything that is healthy. I like slice granny smith apples and putting peanut butter on top of them, or giving them a small container of peanut butter for them to dip their apples in. I do not buy the pre-sliced apples at the store, I do not trust the additives they put in them to keep them from going brown. I have an apple slicer and do my own. I like to keep my snacks whole and nutritious.

3. Juice. When fresh fruit is in season, especially tropical or summer fruits, I get my juicer out and make them fresh juice. Super juices for weight loss, or just for making the kids and myself happy. You choose! One of my favorite combinations is peaches, strawberries, blueberries and a cucumber. I always add a cucumber because I think it makes the juice taste more refreshing on a hot summer day. I also enjoy juicing apples during the autumn and making my own cider. It is better than purchasing it at the store and I know what goes inside of it so I trust it more for my family.

4. Apples and cheese. Another one of my favorite combinations. Apples go with cheese like peanut butter goes with jelly. Just a perfect match. I allow a stick of string cheese and an apple for the snack. For the younger kids I only give them half an apple. If you have even number of kids it is perfect for them to split apples. Plus, some apples are larger than other. I tend to purchase granny smith which are smaller apples so I do not always split them in half. If you purchase a larger apple like red delicious, then you may need to half them.

5. Oatmeal cookie. This is the only cookie I allow as a regular snack. I often make homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, but sometimes I just add extra brown sugar instead of raisins. Picky children sometimes expect chocolate chips and when they bite into the cookie and taste a raisin instead, they sometimes spit it out. So to play it safe, I just add brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweeter taste. Believe me, everyone will love them - even the pickiest of eaters.

6. Frozen yogurt. What I try to do is take tubs of Greek yogurt, place them in the freezer that morning, and then by the afternoon they are frozen yogurt. They come in an assortment of flavors so everyone is happy. Strawberry, blueberry, honey, apricot - you name it and it is probably a flavor. Greek yogurt is strong on taste, but low in sugar so it is a great healthy snack for kids. Plus, it has plenty of protein so they are satisfied without being too full for dinner. I usually freeze them on days that they have sports after school because the protein will help their muscles stay strong.

7. Soy nuts. When they are roasted with a bit of salt, you are not able to taste the difference between them and peanuts. They have a satisfying crunch kids love and I know I am feeding them something wholesome and delicious. It is a win win for both of us. Since I feed them lots of peanuts during the week, I think they enjoy the change up when I give them soy nuts. I try to stick to a ¼ cup serving, but if they are being extra active I will give them a ½ cup.

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