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Yes, College is Worth It

by Olivia Grey (writer), California, October 07, 2016

First, some important information. College is beneficial – the exact benefits, however, have to be quantified in order to have a proper discussion.

Surrounding tertiary education, there are two things that seem universally true – one, college is a boon to any potential job seeker. Two, college is extremely expensive. As per the WSJ, each year’s graduates are getting more indebted than the previous year.

The question is then – is the laundry list of benefits afforded by a college degree worth the cost of tuition? The answer is that, oftentimes, yes it is. But as always, it depends on a few specific circumstances.

Is College Worth It?

First, some important information. College is beneficial – the exact benefits, however, have to be quantified in order to have a proper discussion. Getting your hands on a college degree will afford you two different types of benefits:


While the debt a student racks up over the course of their college education has been steadily growing for the past few decades – and has reached nearly astronomical levels – a college degree can still lead to a very profitable life for certain students. If you pursue an education in business, mathematics, engineering or computer sciences, you’ll see the biggest return in investment.

Likewise, however, you’re most likely to accrue debt while graduating with a degree in art or drama, religious studies or early childhood education as per the Huffington Post.

That being said, there is some data that shows that what you take as a major doesn’t matter nearly as much as you’d think, so long as you end up with a diploma from an accredited university or college. There are plenty of jobs that are available solely to the holders of a Bachelor’s Degree – although it doesn’t matter what that degree is.

As per Forbes, 62 percent of recent college graduates are working jobs and positions that require a degree – but at the same time, only about 27 percent of total college graduates are working in an industry or job that correlates with their major.

Furthermore, the research basically showed that while having a degree is important, it’s not important what that degree really is – what matters more is your experience, work ethic and the soft skills you’ve developed over the course of your education and work experience.


Getting a degree is a symbol of accomplishment and achievement. It’s not easy to net yourself a degree in Organizational Leadership Masters online– especially online, as even with accredited universities like CBU Online you’ll run into the difficulties associated with having to stay motivated and disciplined enough to push yourself through your studies with no one watching, or telling you what to do.

If you get your college degree, you’ll have accomplished something significant. That in and of itself is a great reward.

As research will tell you, a college degree in the right industry can doubtlessly help you pay off your debts and get you a great head start in life. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the journey to that last student loan payment isn’t harsh and painful, and requires some serious budgeting. But once you’ve achieved that, you’re well on your way to a successful life.

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