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Back to School Dental Tips

by lenardjohnson (writer), , October 04, 2016

Early detection is the key to avoiding complicated and expensive treatments!

Regardless of age, regardless of social status, everyone knows that when it comes to health and the human body, it is better to prevent than to treat. This theory is valid for dentistry as much as to any other branch of medicine and is even more important when it comes to children.

The Smile Dental Clinic in London Ontario recommends prophylaxis as the first line of oral health. Prophylaxis, action taken to prevent disease, is significantly more efficient and less expensive than invasive surgeries, and should always be your first step in dental care. It involves daily tooth cleaning, supplemented and complemented by a professional dental cleaning performed at an interval of 6 months. A simple visit to your local childrens dentist in London, Ontario, made before toothaches or other issues appear, can often halt or help to prevent tooth erosion before it happens.

In order to have beautiful and healthy teeth dental prophylaxis should begin at the first appearance of teeth and must be continued for life. Regular application of preventive treatments can save time and money and are essential to avoid possible dental diseases and complicated and expensive treatments. After each meal, food debris remaining on the teeth and between the teeth can lead to dental plaque and tartar, and eventually cavities, gum disease and tooth loss. You should instill good brushing and flossing habits in your child early, to ensure they keep them as they grow.

Early detection is the key to avoiding complicated and expensive treatments. The main dental disease, cavities and periodontal disease, have few symptoms in their early stages. Your child may not even know they are developing or there until it is too late. Oftentimes one disease will lead to other problems as well, so it is very important to capture and treat various dental diseases in their early stages, to prevent this. As your kids head back to school this fall, it is important to send them off on the right track –your first stop this season should be to your local dentist for a cleaning and checkup.

Going to the dentist may be necessary, but if you have cavities or need other dental surgeries, it can often be an unpleasant experience. Many children have difficulty sitting still for five minutes, let alone half an hour or longer with their mouth open, scary drilling sounds, and unpleasant smells flooding their senses. This unpleasant experience can evoke a fear in children when their next dental visit comes around, and make them not want to return. The longer your child goes without visiting a dental clinic, the more likely it becomes that they will need invasive treatment, and so the vicious circle goes.

Look for a clinic that caters to children, and can make their experience as pleasant as possible. Ideally, they should have toys or children’s books in their waiting room as well as some sort of distractions in the treatment room such as a tv or video games for them to play. Whatever can take your child’s mind off of where they are or what they are about to experience is certainly a good thing!

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