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Why People Buy Household Products Online?

List of household products is never ending list. But thanks to online shopping services that made this difficult task easy. E-Commerce has become a way of life and makes the process easier.

Online shopping in India, saw 128% growth in interest from the shoppers within the year 2011 to 2012 compared to solely four-hundredth growth in 2010 to 2011, creating 2012 the tipping purpose for on-line shopping in India. According to the research, 90% of online shoppers are preferred to buy more products online which are a sign of the positive experience of the users.

Here are 5 reasons why people buy household products online:

  • Saves time

Money and time run parallel. That means if you save time then it is automatically saving your time. So online shopping gives its shoppers total time flexibility to place their order 24X7. People don’t need to waste their time in going shop to shop to get the best product. As there are various household items like daily groceries, electronics, kitchen appliances and much more.

  • Convenience

Online shopping offers convenience to its shoppers. We really don’t need to get dressed and drive to our favorite store because we can easily visit their website and find the product that we need. Also, some people work for irregular hours they really don’t get time to go out, in that case, they can also order their groceries online according to their convenience.

  • Better Prices

Online shopping offers better prices by giving options to compare the price of same products at different websites because different websites offer the discount on the same products. However, during offline shopping, we don’t have this facility to enjoy price comparison service.

  • Variety

Offline stores have limited variety of products but at online stores like Amazon, Lalaji24X7, Bigbasket have the wide range of products at better prices. While shopping online, it allows the shopper to find many products that they wouldn’t be able to find in a physical store.

  • Review from other shoppers

Online shopping gives chances to its shoppers to read the reviews of the users of the product. It influences the readers and motivates them to buy the product. Online shoppers accepted this that reading reviews are among the most important reasons they shop online.

One-quarter of global respondents says they are already ordering grocery & household products online for home delivery and more than half (55%) are willing to use it in the future, according to the new Nielsen Global E-commerce and the New Retail Survey. Online shopping is a great help for all those who are too busy with their daily and work life. So, it seems online shopping has a great future and many benefits to its users.

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