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Simple and Safe Ways to Lower down Fever

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safe to Lower a Fever

The article highlights some of the easy methods to lower the body temperature during fever. When you can’t rush to the doctor, these time-honored remedies will surely help you.

If you or someone you love is suffering from a fever, your goal is to reduce that fever as soon as possible and prevent it from increasing. There are several surprisingly simple and safe ways that you can go about doing so, some of which are listed below. Alwayskeep in mind that a high fever is a dangerous fever and if you can’t get a high fever under control quickly, seek medical attention at an urgent care such as Sacramento urgent care to get the necessary medical treatment right away. Fiver fever can be dangerous at times. It should be treated at the right time.

Take a Lukewarm Bath

By taking a bath in lukewarm water, your body temperature can be reduced naturally. Avoid plunging your body into a tub or shower of cold water, as that will only serve to send your blood towards your internal organs, causing your body to warm up further rather than actually cooling down. Most of the doctors suggest taking a lukewarm bath to lower down the fever.

Stay Hydrated

Prevent dehydration by consuming a lot of fluid in the form of herbal tea, such as chamomile tea, catnip tea, or peppermint tea. You can also drink water in order to assist the body’s efforts in flushing out the toxins that are causing you to have a fever in the first place. You can even try fresh fruit juices, such as orange juice, which is high in vitamin C, a nutrient that’s known for helping your immune system fight off infections.

Try Herbal Remedies

There are several herbal remedies that you can try to naturally reduce your fever. The easiest ways to consume these herbs is in the form of a tea. For example, yarrow tea can help to open up your pores and trigger the sweating that can help reduce your fever. You can also try elderflower, which is also known for helping to produce sweat naturally, while helping to reduce the overproduction of mucus. If you don’t have these herbs available, though, you can always stick with ginger tea, which is easy to find and will also induce sweating to create the same fever reducing effect in the body. Herbal remedies do not have any type of side effects.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

An old remedy for fevers is apple cider vinegar. Simply soak a washcloth in some diluted apple cider vinegar and then put that washcloth on your forehead, around the soles of your feet, or on your stomach. If you are planning on taking a bath, you can also place the apple cider vinegar in your bath water. It is believed that the fever can be drawn out of the body with this method.

Take an Over-the-Counter Remedy

An over-the-counter fever reducer can help drive your fever down in a short period of time. Taken according to label instructions, these medications are safe to use, and they can provide the relief that you need more quickly than other natural remedies.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can reduce a fever naturally, and there are also plenty of over-the-counter remedies that you can try as well. Just always remember that a high fever needs to be treated by medical professionals, so don’t hesitate to call your doctor right away when necessary. Follow these steps and stay away from fever.

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