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4 Cost-Effective Ways to Pamper Your Employees

by Jirakee jones (writer), , October 05, 2016

Workers need to feel appreciated and happy in their jobs. If they don't, they can suffer from burnout or be tempted to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Hiring the right people is crucial to the success of your business, but so is retaining great employees once you have them. Workers need to feel appreciated and happy in their jobs. If they don't, they can suffer from burnout or be tempted to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Bonuses and other monetary rewards are a classic method for rewarding good performance, but what if your budget doesn't allow you to pad your employee's paycheck as well as you'd like? Fortunately, there are other ways you can make your employees feel valued and boost overall morale. Here are four cost-effective ways to pamper your employees.

In-Office Pamper Sessions

Today's workers are under more stress than ever, trying to balance the demands of work with the demands of home and family. They may not have much time to relax after work, so they often love a little in-office pampering. Bringing in a massage therapist to do chair massages, for example, allows your employees some time to unwind, which also helps to boost their energy and creativity. In-office pamper sessions need not be prohibitively expensive. Many massage studios offer group and/or corporate discounts. Newer locations, who are likely to want to get their names out there, may be even more open to negotiation. Or, you could go with other options for in-office pampering, such as manicures or hand skin treatments, or even just some quiet downtime with relaxing music.

Old-Fashioned Pizza Party

Pizza is always popular, and there's nothing that can make your team feel good than rewarding them for their productivity with a pizza party. A hot pizza with warm, bubbly cheese and washed down with some sweet beverages is something almost everyone enjoys. Be aware, however, of any food allergies or dietary restrictions among your staff. You don't want to make anyone sick, and you don't want anyone -especially a top performer on your team- to feel left out. Consider getting a few pies without cheese for anyone who can't or won't eat dairy products, a veggie-only pizza for those who don't eat meat, and something without ingredients that might be prohibited by an employee's religion or culture (such as pork). Pizza is cheap when purchased for a large group, and gives you a good return on investment as long as you are considerate of your employees when ordering.

Thoughtful Gifts

Almost all employees want to be seen as more than just cogs in the world. Small, inexpensive, but thoughtful gifts that match their personalities can make them feel valued. In order to use this method of employee pampering, you'll need to know what they're interested in. A simple "team building" exercise that includes a discussion of hobbies, favorite TV shows, books, or other personal interests can give you the information you need. You can also speak to your employee's direct supervisor, or if you're honoring a specific individual, to his or her coworkers to discover what kind of gift might be appropriate. If, for example, one of your staff enjoys buying jewelry, a small-amount gift card to a craft store could be a fantastic gift. Got a bookworm? Offer a gift certificate to a local bookstore. Even small knick-knacks or business stationery printing items can be good gifts if they fit your employee's interests and personalities.

Don't Forget the Compliments

Finally, there are ways to pamper your employees that require no financial investment whatsoever. Very often, lower-level workers feel that management only wants to speak to them in order to reprimand them. A word of encouragement, a small acknowledgement of a job well done can do a lot to help your organization's employee morale.

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