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PPC Advertising Is the Fastest Way to Get Noticed

by lenardjohnson (writer), , October 04, 2016

There are several factors that make your Pay Per Click campaign one that requires a lot of time and attention.

Pay Per Click (or PPC) Management is an important part of any online marketing campaign, but it should be at the forefront of your efforts early on. It’s the single fastest way to get your brand appearing on search engine results pages (also known as SERPs), but it does come at a cost. That’s why you want to use it to come out of the gates running, and gradually scale back and refine your PPC efforts as you improve your natural search engine marketing campaign (appearing higher on SERPs because of a combined effort to optimize your website and begin a long-term SEO campaign).

Here’s how it works: search engines auction off “keywords,” i.e., the words and phrases people actually type into the search bar, like “used car” or “Hyundai Sonata.” You bid to have your ad appear in the sponsored results section of the search engine, above and adjacent to natural results that have not been sponsored. Because engines like Google are still committed to providing their users with the most relevant content, they will also score your webpage for quality, which, combined with the size of your bid, determines where in the ranks of sponsored results your ad will appear.

Managing Pay Per Click advertising is measurable, but it’s a demanding and involved task that will require your constant involvement, which is why many companies turn to a Search Engine Marketing firm like Digital Clicks Marketing in London, Ontario. They conduct across-the-board online campaigns including PPC, SEO, and webpage optimization which can all improve your quality score and help improve your sponsored position without increasing the cost of your bid.

There are several factors that make your Pay Per Click campaign one that requires a lot of time and attention:

1. Bid prices aren’t static, they change by the day, according to demand, and this can lead to very high prices, especially on competitive terms. Whereas in the past more generic terms may have been very expensive, recently there has been a trend toward more specific terms. For example, the three most expensive keywords in the US last year were“San Antonio car wreck attorney,” “accident attorney Riverside VA,” and “personal injury attorney Colorado.” While these clicks, which cost hundreds of dollars, are driven by super-competitive firms, most click costs are counted in cents. Nevertheless, you can see your costs get out of control or your results plummet unless you have someone like Digital Clicks Marketing who can invest the time to carefully manage and adjust your keywords and bids.

2. You can get better results and control costs by finding niche keywords that are less sought-after but more accurate to your business, for example, a specific brand name product or unique service you provide in your area. These keywords also bring you closer to the user’s intention, and users who are much closer to their purchasing point, meaning you have a better conversion rate.

3. Working with PPC experts like Digital Clicks Marketing, you can use nimble campaigns that are short in duration to promote a new product or service launch. Other areas of SEM are geared toward long-term results and aren’t as flexible as PPC.

In the end, a comprehensive effort across PPC, SEO, and website optimization will make your marketing campaign more efficient and improve your ROI, but PPC remains the most effective way to get a jump start. Talk to experts who know how to manage your campaign and deliver results within your budget.

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