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Savoring the moments of the season

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, December 06, 2007


Taking a moment to relish the interval

A contemplative chat by the fireside of a cozy cafe at happy hour. A tree lighting in the neighborhood park. Taking a moment to view the manger scene in a store window as you rush back from lunch break.

Whether or not you celebrate the "holidays" in a traditional fashion, love the song and shopping, boycott it all, or just ignore it, there are magical minutes that await each of us this time of year.

As we forge ahead through a season that comes in with a furry and leaves all too quickly, I think it vital as well as comforting to take time to savor the moments of the season.

Time shared with family, a special get together with that friend you've awaited to see all year. Take time to enjoy that favorite food and drink in a festive venue. Exchange gifts or give a gift to that homeless person you see on a daily basis or those people that have been instrumental in your life.

We don't have to wait for this season to do these things. but while the essence of this time of year is here, let us immerse ourselves in the humanity of sharing and community.

Giving the gift of yourself and talents in your own special way is one ultimate way to savor the season.

Your gift may even eliminate the heartache and despair often felt by some this time of the year.

Savor the moments of the season as that unofficial children's choir gleefully sings on a school yard, the amateur musician performs a musical holiday array of delicious pieces. Maybe a few shoppers pause and add their voices to his tunes and the decorative lights fill the city streets.

Savor the smells, sights, sounds, and the touch that expresses itself through music, artistry, dance, song, colors, poetry, and recognition of each individual life.

Embrace the moments that touch our hearts and life beyond December. Take those moments into January and sprinkle them throughout each day, week, and month.

Make your own expression and let it be more than holiday festivities, non connecting parties, and ho, ho, ho.

Savor those moments experienced listening, looking, and loving the spirit of the season.

May it be a wonderfully engaging revelation for you and yours each day of December and thereafter as you savor the moments of the season.

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