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7 Tips for a Scuba Diving Vacation You Will Love

by DTwriter (writer), , October 04, 2016

Bonaire - the Paradise Hamlet for Divers and Snorkelers Alike

This article could have been titled, "How to take a vacation you love". Quite simply many people overlook the relaxing and majestic beauty of warm water diving or snorkeling when they plan their winter vacations. But there are destinations all over the world that are hot spots for the best snorkeling and diving experiences..

Bonaire is an island located in the Dutch Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela. It is surround by protected marine habitats and amazing coral reefs. The waters fluctuate between 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the season and the crystal blue ocean offers great visibility to gorgeous colorful creatures. And the walkout beach snorkeling and diving amongst the coral reefs goes for miles and miles within yards of the shore.

The trouble is the comfort level for many, when it comes to snorkeling or diving varies quite wildly. Many have never tried either, some have tried a very casual snorkeling as a small part of a trip or even swimming event at a local pool. Others have gone farther and began purchasing or renting gear, obtaining dive training or taken the plunge to full professional diving trips locally and abroad.

Whatever your comfort level, a travel vacation that is based around getting into the ocean in tropical waters will offer satisfying qualities: nice beaches, great views, comfortable accommodations, good food, toes in the sand, and memories that remain for a lifetime.

7 Tips for Such a Vacation:

  1. Plan ahead! Get a hold of a vacation guide that details some of the best diving locations and amenities. Consider the equipment to bring. will you rent when you get there or pack your own? What diving schools, stores and options exist there? and when is the best time to go for tropical storm avoidance and best water conditions? Currency of the destination is also important, Bonaire is US Dollar based since 2011.
  2. Consider what you want to get out of your vacation and what options are available. For instances, are you looking to learn scuba diving as a starter or get more intense with your diving skills. Having great diving schools and guides with package options that fit is a key.
  3. Accommodations. Do you want a traditional hotel or something unique? If you are going with a group of friends or family an independent resort villa may be the best option for cost, convenience and beauty. There are many villa's like this on Bonaire. An example is the Ocean Blue Villa one of the Bonaire Resorts that accommodates up to 8 adults with a walk out to the waters edge veranda, full kitchen, TV, internet and more. Options like these can be rented for weeks at a time for a great price especially if you are splitting it several ways with friends.
  4. Shop around online and/or through a travel agent to get the best deals for flights and packages.
  5. Bring and underwater camera.
  6. Check other options. What does the destination have to offer? Activities outside of snorkeling or diving, restaurants and night life, points of interest. Bonaire has donkeys, just thought you might like to know that. It also has Kayaking, Windsurfing, Sightseeing, Salt Pans, Slave Huts from the late 1800's, Great Dining, Shopping and Beautiful Beeches.
  7. Finally have fun and relax, you are bound to get addicted to trips like this.

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