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Ways to Enhance Your Motorcycle

by Deepak Nair (writer), , October 04, 2016

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If you love riding your motorcycle, it is almost impossible to fight the urge to modify it and improve its performance.

It is almost inevitable not to modify your motorcycle if you love riding. No matter if the modification is big or small, like changing the tyres or replacing the exhaust with Cobra motorcycle exhausts, almost every passionate motorcyclist tries to make a few attempts to improve the performance of your motorcycle. Thus, to help all the riders, we have created a list of some excellent ways to improve the performance of your motorcycle.

If you love riding your motorcycle, it is almost impossible to fight the urge to modify it and improve its performance. Be it a small modification or something that costs hundreds and thousands of dollars, every motorcyclist tries to improve the performance of their motorcycle at some point.

So, if you are a motorcyclist looking to improve the performance and appearance of your motorcycle, the below-mentioned tips are sure to help you out.

Changing the Exhaust

Replacing your exhaust with a high-quality after market exhaust system, like the Cobra motorcycle exhausts, and making some adjustments to fuel mapping is one of the most common modifications done by motorcyclists. This can help in substantially reducing the weight of your bike while throttling the response and improving torque and power. Moreover, this will also make the motorcycle sound amazing.


If your motorcycle doesn’t already feature adjustable suspension, you can add it to transform the handling of your ride completely. By adjusting the damping and compression settings as per your weight, you can easily customize how the motorcycle responds to the inputs provided by you. There are many great brands, like Sportster that offer great progressive suspensions.

Lighter Tyres

Many of the motorcycle manufacturing companies go cheap on the wheels. Wheels that are heavy add needless weight to your motorcycle and as a result, your fancy suspension will be unable to diminish their side-effects completely. You can replace the wheels with super-light wheels, and you are sure to see a noticeable difference in the performance of your motorcycle and also your rising experience. However, make sure the tyres aren't too light and have good grip.


Engine management systems (EMS) are very commonly found on the majority of the high-performance motorcycles. These systems fine-tune the mapping of the onboard computer to manage the ignition system and fuel table in a better way. Moreover, many of these systems make use of flash technology and can also be wirelessly connected to your Android smartphones and iPhones.

Disc Brakes

While upgrading to new brake lines and brake pads is an excellent idea to improve the performance of your motorcycle, you will also need the ability to stop hard which can be provided by disc brakes. The lighter and bigger the disc brakes, the better will be their performance.
These are some of the ways in which you can enhance the performance of your motorcycle. But while purchasing any part, make sure that you only purchase it from a reputable supplier to get the desired performance from the parts. Never compromise on the quality for your and fellow rider's safety.

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