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Time Tracking & Invoicing Just Got Easier

by Editor (editor), , September 28, 2016

Manage your business an easy task by keeping track of all of your projects with Minterapp.

Minterapp can make anyone's day go just a little bit better! Who does not like to be organized and on top of things? Minterapp can allow you to do just that with its user friendly setup and useful features.

What Is Minterapp?

Minterapp is simply a gift from above to all freelancers out there. Gone will be the days of trying to remember if you spent half the day on your latest project the day before last...or was it the day before that?

You can make managing your business an easy task by keeping track of all of your projects with Minterapp. Minterapp enables you to simply convert your projects into invoices when needed.

What Makes Minterapp A Breeze

  • It does not matter if you are in America, or five time zones away. Minterapp is run in the cloud, and the cloud is everywhere. You can easily track time with Minterapp no matter where you are located at any given moment.
  • Minterapp is integrated with Time Tracking on Basecamp and Paypal, so both sending invoices and performing express checkouts and business payments will be super easy.
  • Easy payment is a huge bonus as well. Minterapp is connected with Paypal, as mentioned before, as well as Stripe and, so collection of payment will go by without a hitch.
  • Keeping track of where your income is coming from is handled by Minterapp as well. You have the ability to tag invoices so you can keep your revenue organized.
  • It is also easy to send estimates to clients or potential clients. Once an estimate is created, an invoice can be made by just a simple conversion.
  • If you so choose, you can have unlimited users on your Minterapp application for just one, flat fee. No separate fees for multiple users involved.
  • Departments tend to bill at different rates, so you can simply set up the facts from the start and not have to worry about it from there!
  • Minterapp is so user friendly that if you feel as though you are missing something in the app, you can reach out to Minterapp developers and they will do their best to make things happen for you!

Fair Pricing

Minterapp offers very fair pricing when it comes to plans. The most basic of plans starts at just $9.95 per month. Just as with all other plans, this plan includes unlimited clients, projects, time tracking, and project estimates.

The next plan up, the business plan, offers all that the first plan did, but with a maximum of five for user capacity. This plan runs $29.95 a month.

The third plan is the enterprise plan. At $59.95 a month, you will have everything the latter plans did, but you will have the benefit of unlimited user capability!

Minterapp Saves The Day

In the short run, Minterapp will save your day. You will spend less time pondering about where expenses are going to and coming from, where revenue is flowing in from, and where your time is going. In the long run, Minterapp will make your business flourish!

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