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Benefits Of Using Innovative MySQL Databases Reporting Tools

by Ravi Kumar Gupta (writer), , October 02, 2016

Most businesses require regular and ad hoc reports on stored data that has been acquired over time.

Most businesses require regular and ad hoc reports on stored data that has been acquired over time. It’s quite common for upper management to base policy and strategy decisions on reports, while various departments such as marketing will adjust their efforts in response to the information extracted from data reports.

To make it simpler for other programs to access data through them, most database software support a computer language called "SQL" (which is often pronounced as "sequel"). SQL was specifically designed for that purpose. Programs that want the database software to handle the low-level work of managing data simply use that language to send instructions.

ySQL is the most famous database that allows you store and retrieve that data as quickly and efficiently as possible.There are many databases that support the use of SQL to access their data. In other words, MySQL is one of many brands of database software. MySQL is very popular among programs that run on websites (probably because they are free), which is why you often see one or both of them advertised in the feature lists of web hosts, as well as being listed as one of the "system requirements" for certain web software (like content management systems and blogs).

Aside from that, there are many reasons why your business can benefit from using innovative MySQL reporting tools. First of all, they’re quite easy to use. Typically,if your company wanted to initiate complex SQL queries, you’d have to hire an IT specialist to do the job. With the right MySQL query builder, everyone on your team, regardless of how little technical knowledge they might have, would be able to build queries and analyze the data, without any input from IT personnel. You can find innovative MySQL reporting tools on the market, with a drag and drop interface that allows you to select the data fields you wish to measure, while the tools handle the rest of the tasks in an instant. You would now receive amazing and beautifully visualized data in real-time for your ongoing reports.

All you have to do to set up your reporting tools is connect your SQL database(s), such as MySQL, MS SQL, Postgresql, or Oracle, which takes just under 10 minutes – it’s that simple.When you’re finished with setup, you are now ready to begin your MySQL queries and gain valuable business insights immediately.

Visualize your data with MySQL BI Reporting

MySQL BI reporting tools have fantastic and incredible features that can speed up and improve the process of your data analysis and reporting. The raw data gathered by your company is likely to be in rows and columns of numbers that seem endless and meaningless, and it often takes a substantially longer time to explore, analyze and report. However, if you were to use a powerful and effective MySQL report builder, it would take you no time at all to do so. After you run your queries, you are in charge of the look and feel of your data visualizations.

You now have the capability of viewing engaging charts, and sharing them instantly with your colleagues. Your graphs and charts can be arranged on an interactive online dashboard, and you can choose to share your insights either directly from your dashboard to your company’s key decision-makers, or you can set up automated reporting. Automated reporting is a function that enables you to schedule a date and a time to systematically create a report that would be relevant to those whom you are sending the information. Every time a report is scheduled, the tool will generate current information, the chart or graph will be updated in your dashboard, and then the report will be finalized and sent, without you having to do it manually. When setting up your automated reports, you can choose whether you would like to send your data as a PDF or as an Excel document, and how frequently you want to send it. It’s an added advantage, especially when your company’s decision-makers need to have updates and clear-cut data on a regular basis.

What can you find in the best MySQL Reporting Tools?

The best MySQL reporting tools have several things in common, and you want to look out for them when shopping around for a program that will suit you and your business’ needs. Here are 6 factors that make the best tools on the market:

    1)Instant setup –This should be a fast and easy process; you should be able to connect with your database in less than 10 minutes. From the time of setup to first report sent, should be less than thirty minutes.

    2)Easy to use –Ideally, the program should have drag and drop interface that enables everyone on your team, no matter how little technical knowledge they might have, to build queries and obtain insights on your behalf. Some programs have more advanced options for the more technical people on your team.

    3)Attractive dashboard design - The tools should offer advanced data visualization & dashboard options so that you can customize designs to look exactly the way you want, and to fit your brand.

    4)Time-saving automated reports - With automated reporting, you don’t have to spend extra time updating reports yourself. This is a real time-saver, because they are updated and sent out automatically, which gives you more time to create and adjust a strategy around your insights.

    5)Multiple formats – You should be able to choose the format in which your reports would be sent. They can be sent as JPEG, PNG, PDFs or as Excel documents, depending on the recipient, preferences, etc.

Easy access – The best reporting tools offer you the chance to access your information on any device that has access to the internet: this could be from home on your tablet, on the way to work on your Smartphone, or on the desktop computer you use every day atthe office. Beside automated reports, additional sharing options via online dashboards are a plus.

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