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25 Reasons To Legalize Drugs

by Kent J. (writer), Santa Rosa, December 05, 2007


We Really Lost This War

The book Twenty-Five Reason To Legalize Drugs, We Really Lost This War is coming out January 2008. As a newby attorney, I strongly agree with the author, Stephen H. Frye, MD. Here in the good ole US of A, we imprison at a rate six times greater than the Dutch. The reason? All the people in jail or prison for crimes that should not be crimes. The proof? The Dutch have indisputably and unequivocally proven that drug decriminalization and legalization works and is remarkably effective. The incarceration rate related to drugs in the US is 12 times higher than the Netherlands. Dr. Frye is correct “The drug war kills people, not the drugs.” Opiate use such as heroin was actually declining until the US passed the Harrison Act. Before drugs were outlawed, cocaine was at only one-fifth of the use it is at today. There is only one motivation to keep drugs illegal. It is profit. Extraordinary profits triggered and driven solely by drugs being illegal. Illegality created media and political attention that provided the incentive for drug dealers to get more people addicted driving up the numbers of their captive customer base.

Aside from the increase in enormous legal problems in increases in each court’s caseload from the needless war on drugs, the social costs have been staggering. Every aspect of crime was increased when drugs were made illegal. In the twenty-eight years since, murders have averaged an increase of 9,000 a year for a total of 252,000 people dead. Drug offenses increased an average of 1,539,000 a year for a total of 43,092,000 people. Imprisonments increased an average of 1,809,000 a year for a total of 50,652,000 more people in our jails and prisons. Assaults increased an average of 1,464,000 a year for a total of 40,992,000 people. And on and on.

I, and my colleagues are looking forward to this book. Hopefully it will turn the tide and we as a country will adopt what Holland has so successfully proven. The stranglehold burden on lawyers and our courts will be lifted. The drug dealer, the middle-man, the only one who currently benefits, will be eliminated. The savings to taxpayers is enormous. Add to that savings the sales tax collected off the legal sale of the drugs.

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By Steven Lane on December 05, 2007 at 07:43 pm
I have sat in many an Amsterdam coffee shop, and been given a "menu" of multiple "mota's" or hashish in many flavors. There is porn in the windows and girls in barber chairs, but I never ever felt any sense of danger. I have real problems anyone making adult decisions for me. In 60 years I have never stuck a needle in my arm, smoked or snorted (excluding powdered cocaine) any hard drugs........That was my decision..... My only regrets as far as drugs go are simple, "Gee, I wish I had all the money I spent in the 80's in my quest of a deviated septum back." Crack cocaine, Heroin and Meth have and continue to devastate many lives and education and treatment should be the answer to that, certainly not jail.
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By Dawnfire on December 06, 2007 at 05:39 am
I have been a drug addict. I know what it is like and I know that legalizing drugs will only make things worse. More deaths, more people taking drugs and more crime to fund their habits.
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By Rose Mountain on December 06, 2007 at 01:25 pm
Great article and information. Sadly some corporations would jump at the chance to legally sell drugs. I saw a documentary recently that the drink Coca Cola originally had cocaine in it, (it wasn't just a myth). But most importantly I wish our country would focus on WHY so many citizens feel the need to drink such heavy amounts of alcohol and do drugs enough to numb the pain which includes prescription drugs. And why do people engage in other activities to cover over their pain. This is a mainstream thing. Look at the increases when the US is at war or when the economy is so hard that people have trouble staying afloat. Why do people have to work just to make ends meet, why do they feel compelled to work to buy the newest car. Why do people work to forget their painful marriages. Look at the child abuse statistics approx 1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 5/6 boys, and this has been going on for decades if not centuries. Wounded patterns move from one generation to the next. Look at the centuries of slavery in this country, and the killing of Native Americans. There's no way that one can harm, abuse, kill others and not have it affect them too. So our country needs healing badly, but the good news is that most people know it.
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By Rose Mountain on December 06, 2007 at 02:29 pm
I forgot to say-- I agree we need to legalize drugs, stop putting people in jail for doing drugs, selling drugs, and many other activities that are best healed in other ways. Stop treating people as criminals. There's segments in our culture that are still fixated on crime & punishment. And leaders know how to use the strategy of divide and conquer, which is a way to find someone to blame for our problems instead of healing and embracing those who need healing beginning with many leaders in this country. The whole jail system is a sad reflection of our culture and that 3 Strikes You're Out Law is absolutely detrimental and ignorant as if human suffering can be equated to a baseball game. The US prison system encourages alienation, distrust, and legally kills people. Whereas there's many programs that teach "prisoners" and "juvenile delinquents" how to care again, feel trust and faith again, by working with animals with their unconditional love and working with disabled children who have unconditional love and gratitude to share. And what about the white-collar corporate crime that hurts millions of Americans in one day, and the US war system now encourges torture and killing innocent people for oil. We all have much work to do....America is hurting badly.
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By Brett M on December 07, 2007 at 12:18 am
I believe all drugs should be decriminalized. I've been to Holland and seen first hand the much improved society they have over ours.
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By Annonymous on December 13, 2007 at 12:37 am
Good review - I look forward to reading the book. That writer of that last anonymous comment is on drugs.
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By Dr. Steve on August 12, 2008 at 06:57 pm

Thank you Kent for the great review of my book. I am  looking for media connections, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, to help get the word out. Please check out my web site for all 25 reasons. I am also working to develop an Inconvenient Truth type documentary with me giving my lecture and film clips behind it. I really appreciate yours and anyone else's assistance in this huge project to correct an unimaginable injustice that is tragically more racist and damaging to African-Americans than slavery ever was, and is much more devastating and deadly to our children and teens than the drugs themselves.

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By 'Mean' Mike Duffau on August 12, 2008 at 07:50 pm

“The drug war kills people, not the drugs.” i agree with that!!!! i wasn't much of a dope smoker, my thing was LSD, acid, or whatever you wanna call it. good times!

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By Joan Westin on December 13, 2008 at 06:55 pm

Legalize It - With a recession in sight, the case for legalizing marijuana and taxing it for government revenue seems more practical than ever,

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