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How To Live ComfortablyLike These Pro P

by Zuhair (writer), , September 30, 2016

Those who are new to playing games at the casino are often astonished by what they consider to be impossible bankroll fluctuations

Those who are new to playing games at the casino are often astonished by what they consider to be impossible bankroll fluctuations. But there are those who have mastered all the blackjack tips, know all the poker strategies and are all round just incredibly skilled in the art of playing casino game whether its blackjack or poker.

Don Johnson

In blackjack this is one name that has is a card counting legend. Don Johnson has etched his name into blackjack history by using conventional strategy to win millions of dollars. The most of his winning have come in Atlantic City where he has played many casinos thee. He began playing blackjack in the 1990s and made a big name for himself back in 2010 after winning 4 million dollars at Caesars Atlantic City. After an incredibly 6 month span, Johnson has made nearly 15 million in profits.

John Juanda

Not many have heard of John Juanda, but the Indonesian-born American is a highly successful professional poker player, who over the years has gone on to win four World Series of Poker Titles. His success with poker has led to his very modest net worth of 4.4 million dollars. Juanda learned of his potential during his first flight to the United States, it only took him three years to make it to the finale table to the World Series.

Annie Duke

Duke has been crowned the Duchess of Poker, for her amazing achievements in the sport. Her popularity however didn’t skyrocket until 2004, when she won the World Series of Poker golden bracelet. Since then she has been unstoppable both in poker and the rest of her professional and personal life. As well as a pro poker player, she has also published a book and released a DVDV which educates beginners on the ins and outs of poker.

Dan Bilzrian

Bilzerian is one of the most known poker pros. He has won millions of dollars over many poker tournaments and competitions. One of his most recent poker winnings consists of over 10 million dollars which he won back in 2013. Interestingly enough before becoming a poker pro he was actually involved within the military.

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