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"Out of the Shadow"

by Caitlin McGuire (writer), Orange County, October 30, 2006


You will either love or ignore Rogue Wave’s 2004 CD, “Out of the Shadow.” The perfect track for a seaside drive for one person will fade to white noise for another. Fans of Simon and Garfunkel will rejoice, fans of any other genre will forget.

Personally, I am of the forget side. I first head Rogue Wave on their SXSW Showcase Artist 2006 single, “Publish My Love,” a Big Country-esque ballad. I was excited to hear some more 80’s sound than didn’t come off of The Killer’s “Hot Fuss.”

“Out of the Shadow” did not deliver.

As if the low-fi acoustic sound of a man with a slightly-strangled voice hasn’t all ready been done to death with bands Kings of Convenience and the Shins (both bands I like), Rogue Wave offered nothing new or original. The lyrics are nothing special - much like the rest of the album. Avoid playing “Out of the Shadow” at your next soirée; the solidly average album will not encourage anyone to get up and dance.

Besides “Publish My Love,” there are probably only four songs of Rogue Wave that won’t be deleted from my iPod: “Seasick on Land,” “Kicking the Heart Out,” “Postage Stamp World,” and “Every Moment.” “Seasick on Land” is no “Land Locked Blues,” although it seems to strive for a canonically Bright-Eyes/Shins sound. Still, it’s a good song in its own right. The bounce of the music adds to the joyful effect of the harmony by Zach Rogue. On the flip side, “Kicking the Heart Out” is as good a break-up song as I’ve ever heard (Can anyone ever really screw up a break-up song?). With lyrics like “Music is my lover / You are just a tease / You make love to a shadow / Whose face is hallow money,” I was left wondering: is Rogue Wave successful enough to honestly merit gold-diggers? “Postage Stamp World” must have been ghost-written by Ben Gibbard, circa “Plans;” the material is more mature than much of what’s out there, and has a “What Sarah Said,” acoustic-style, feel to it. Finally, “Every Moment” is what you’d expect The Beach Boys to sound like if you took away their keyboards and their surf-riffs. The lyrics “It used be me and you together…Do you want this to be you and me forever?” play like the perfect song for that moment in the relationship when you think: is this what I want?

The meager pickings of “Out of the Shadow” are not well enough balanced by the more positive aspects of the album to deserve a better review. Rogue Wave isn’t terrible, but it’s not excellent either. If you don’t feel like really listening to a band, then Rogue Wave is for you.

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By Caitlin on October 30, 2006 at 01:26 pm
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By Annonymous on October 30, 2006 at 01:26 pm
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By Annonymous on October 30, 2006 at 01:27 pm
Burn this one too.
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