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Ways to keep bedbugs away from kids

by JL Brook (writer), , September 22, 2016

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1Bed bug, Cimex lectularis

There are tons of ways to get rid of bed bugs. Such as hiring a professional pest control service, but this type of service can be expensive. Here are some DIY ways to control bed bugs.

Bed bugs are one of the hardest pest problem to eliminate. Hiring a professional pest control service is by far the best solution for controlling bed bugs. But this type of service can be expensive. If you think you can’t afford to hire a professional, there are some things you can do to control bed bugs.

Are Pesticides Effective Against Bed Bugs Infestation?

When used alone, the use of pesticides may not be enough to eradicate these pests. They are at best moderately effective in managing bed bugs. Also, fumigators or bug bombs are often ineffective while aerosol insecticides can only kill pests that are out of their hiding places and not those hiding in cracks, under the carpet, in walls and in the crevices of beds.

Do-It-Yourself Ways to Control Bed Bugs

You can protect your child from bed bugs. Below are some tips on how to do it.

1. Find out which room is infested. The most common place for bed bugs are the bedrooms, but any room where people sleep can be a shelter for bed bugs. Sofa and sofa beds are another common sites for bed bugs. The sooner you find bed bugs, the easier it will be to eliminate them.

2. Vacuum the beds and mattresses and encase them. Place your beddings inside the bag. Wash it with hot water and let it dry. Dispose the bag as it may contain bed bugs. Vacuum the bed to remove suspected bed bugs. Purchase a bed bug-proof mattress protector. This garment is designed to be tight enough to prevent bed bugs from escaping. It is also woven to protect you from bed bug bites.

3. Kill the bed bugs. About 70 percent of all bed bugs in a usual infestation are hiding on the mattress, bed frame and box spring. Vacuuming can only remove the nymphs and the adult bugs but not the eggs. For this, you will need insecticide sprays and dusts to treat all the crevice in your bed. Before you spray or dust, be sure to read the label.

Another product that is now used in many pest control companies is the diatomaceous earth (DE) dust for bed bug control. This is an abrasive dust that dries out bed bugs that come in contact with it. Lightly dust all crevices, cracks and voids in your beds.

4. Track your success. One of the most useful devices created for bed bug monitoring is the bed bug interceptor – a simple device based on the belief that bed bugs aren’t good at climbing vertical surfaces. These are usually consist of a plastic dish that is placed on a bed post. It has a ‘moat’ intended to catch bed bugs. Check the cups regularly and empty it into a pail of soapy water.

Protecting Your Kids from Bed Bugs

If your child has been in a place known to be infested with bed bugs, immediately wash their clothes with hot water when he/she return home.

Also, be careful when buying furniture or used clothing from thrift stores or garage sales and never touch or sit on couch, beds or any upholstered furniture. The bed bugs might be the reason why the previous owner discarded them!

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