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Factors That should be Needed for Calculating Roofing Price

by mgibson (writer), , September 22, 2016

Know the estimated roofing costs by using online tools before you negotiate with a contractor

When you think to repair your house roof, the first thing which comes to mind is cost. Roofing cost depends on several factors like material, labor, profit and contingencies including other costs that you must discuss with your contractor before you make an agreement and invest your hard-earned money. You should keep some important things in your mind that you are not going to compromise with quality and service in order to reduce the overall price. If someone is offering you the cheapest price, that doesn’t mean it is the best value for you. There are also many online roofing price estimator tools that provide you with approximate roofing costs. So, you can know the estimated price by using those tools before negotiating with a contractor.


Materials can play a big role while calculating roof price. However, it is possible to reduce the price by using different materials, you must keep in mind that it can often direct to a fake economy. If choosing different materials saves you some percentage, but the material is not durable, then you must prefer more costly material. It is essential to select hard-wearing and good looking material and should be cost effective. You must get in touch with a roofing contractor who can help you understand the quality of material.


Labor is also a big factor which can influence roof price. You may get different price quoted from every contractor, but there won’t be very much variation. Roofing price always contains labor charges including all other costs. If there is any work that you can do yourself, then you can finish it before negotiating with a contractor. It will help reduce your overall cost in the installation. You can find general labor stats and wages at the BLS.


It is the main part of a business. Without profit no company can exist. So, every company would like to make profit either less or more. Well established companies or national roofing brands will often charge much more due to their reputation. If you see price quoted by small and large companies and compare both price rate, you will find that small firms are not willing to make the same level of profit as the large firms do, they invest most of the money to purchasing materials and other aspects making the roof price parallel.

Contingencies and other costs

Contingency is such a cost which every contractor includes in his quotation in case of any unforeseen event happens during the tear down and new roof installation, he will not persuade you to demand more money to continue the work. If it was not happened during the work, you should, of course, try to know about where the contingency fund was invested. If you would like to take the contingency fund out of the price, you may do that but prepare yourself to pay some additional money if any unforeseen event happens.

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