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Set your clock back tonight!

by Ariel (editor), Venice, CA, October 28, 2006


Tonight marks the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST). But what's DST after all? To impress your friends, you could tell them that it was first mentioned by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, and put into practice only in 1916 by Germany. You could also tell them that it was first instated in the U.S. in 1918 but the general grumpiness that it triggered made the government forget about it soon after. It went on and off like this several times until 1966 when the U.S. federal Uniform Time Act became law.

Now, the question that matters to us the most: are you gonna sleep an extra hour or not?

Well, to answer this question you can use the mnemonic "spring forward, fall back" and you'll have your answer. But then you're gonna say that you could very easily spring back and fall forward. Add to this that Los Angeles doesn't really have actual seasons and you're definitely confused. Try and figure this out between two shots of vodka at the fantabulous Halloween party you're going to tonight, and forget it, you're screwed.

So are you gonna sleep an extra hour or not? You'll probably be hung-over tomorrow anyways and it won't matter that much, but the official indications are to set your clock back by one hour tonight at 2am. Using my amazing mathematical skills, I infer from that that answer to the ultimate question is: yes you will.

No, wait...

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