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Why parents should let their children play video games?

by Jenessa (writer), , September 19, 2016

Whether being an video games' lover has negative effects or not is something that has been debated for decades.The negative effects have gotten far more media coverage than the positive effects

They become harmful when one becomes their "addict". Very few people know that numerous academic studies have indicated that being a video games' lover has many psychological & even physical benefits. ( Bringing all this under one roof : ) Video games actually make you a better human being in following ways:

1):- Critical Thinking: Video games make children to think quickly and efficiently. According to the Daily Tech, action games make players to take decisions fast and immediately using evidence collected throughout the game. This process improves the skill of critical-thinking children & can teach them the value of trying various different solutions to a problem, a skill that will be beneficial for life. Furthermore, children who are capable to pay attention to a sequence of events in any video games are likely to apply these tricks-learn to their real lives as well. Is not this great? So why your children?

2):- Social Development: Video games are usually blamed for bad social skills in children. However, as per Psyche Central, the opposite may be right, since video games usually allow players from all over the world to work as one to solve problems or finish tasks. This is notably true in children with autism. Playing these games can teach children with autism or an autism spectrum disorder to how to respond to visual & verbal queues, in turn better and improve their social responses. They are often very motivating for children with autism, & these games provide opportunities for successful learning & a stress-free opportunity to better skills like planning, organization & self-monitoring. Reinforcement and strength of desired behaviors is given without the requirement for direct human interaction, which can be stressful for children with autism.

):- Educational:Not each and every video games is mindless. As per John L. Sherry, an assistant professor at Michigan State University, educators are at large using educational games in the classrooms. They use them as a motivational tool. The absolutely correct video games aid children in mastering everything from basic grammar & tenses to complex mathematics without the drudgery of some old-school flash cards. Lots of games require kids to anticipate movements &, in the case of three-dimensional games, require players to manipulate objects via a three-dimensional place, improving their brilliance. Hence, the money spent on buying video games, software and accessories related to it, the money not "wasted"; it is "invested".

4):- Hand-Eye Coordination: Children do not necessarily rest hip to play sports to make better their hand-eye coordination. A health researcher of an Australian university, Deakin University, has found that pre-schoolers who play video games which are interactive, have much better motor skills than kids who don't play and they were also better at skills such as kicking, throwing or catching a ball.

5):-Emotional Outlet: For kids who aren't into football or some other aggressive sports, these video games may act as a release of pent-up aggression & frustration. Venting frustration & anger in a game helps diffuse stress. It gives introverted kids a chance to master a dominant behavior or "try on" a personality they don't use in their everyday lives. Plus, both violent & non-violent games can have a very positive, relaxing, almost meditating effect on kids. They teach them how to remain calm in ever situation, whether it is in their favor or not.

Hence, never stop your children from playing these games. They are "developing"...

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