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4 Things you must never do after your exercise routine

by Zyana Morris (writer), , August 24, 2017

The fitness surge is rising and more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of keeping healthier through exercising.

The fitness surge is rising and more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of keeping healthier through exercising. However, contrary to popular belief, exercising is not even half the job done when it comes to maintaining a healthier existence. Exercising is meant to build and strengthen your muscle mass and help you lose those unwanted calories, but it's only a part of the whole process of keeping fit and if you flounder in making good choices after your workout is done, your workout, no matter how intensive, will provide you with little or no value.

You put so much effort and sweat while exercising, so please don’t let it go to waste by making unhealthy choices post your workout routine. Here are 4 things/choices you certainly need to avoid after you complete your workout at all costs to get the best overall health results:

Consuming too many calories:

Most of the people who exercise have a very wrong perception that even if they consume a lot of calories or eat an unhealthy meal, it will not affect their health in a big way because they will burn it off through exercise. Unhealthy food choices are never alright and have the most disastrous of consequences if you make them after you are done with exercising. You definitely do exercise intensively, but after that, you have a normal life which can provide enough time for the bad calories and fats to accumulate back into your system, rendering your exercise activity futile.

A bad diet never helped anyone get a good body, no matter what the other actions are. Make healthy food choices always, especially post workout! Make sure that you eat a good portion of nutrient rich food comprising of proteins, good carbohydrates, lots of whole grains, low-fat content and greens, to help your body get the right quality of fuel to complement your intensive exercise routine and over time, provide you with a great and hot body that everyone will envy!

Not Cooling Down Appropriately:

Exercise provokes and involves many major muscles and tendons in your body and just as the advantages of warming up is not the same as stretching when starting your exercise regimen, just walking off is not the same as cooling down post your workout regimen.

Cooling down in the right way is crucial towards preventing muscle spasms which are highly susceptible to happen after working out, bringing your heart beat rate to its normal order, reducing your body temperature and allowing your body to readjust back.

For cooling down appropriately, you need to sit back and take deep breaths for 3-7 minutes and after that, hydrate yourself well. Do some low intensity stretches to reduce the chances for spasms and you are now ready to jet off to your normal routine.

Avoiding other rigorous physical activities after your workout:

A lot of people, when back from the gym, reduce their physical activity levels to a bare minimum, which is not a great thing to do. Being healthy depends holistically on your lifestyle and not just on how much you exercised. For the best results, you need to continue to go the extra mile even after a rigorous workout. This can include going out for a walk with your dog or even your kids, taking the stairs more often among others. These small efforts can prove to be a big difference sometime down the road so never ignore them ever.

Clean yourself and your workout space:

Your bulging muscles might be a delight for the eyes but the sweaty bad odor will be equally unpleasant for the sense of smell of other people. Workout means a whole lot of sweating and if not cleaned properly, the sweat can start making you and your clothes give off a bad stench that’s unpleasant to everyone. Take a good, clean and long bath after every gym session and throw your workout clothes in the laundry to help them get rid of their smell as well.

But cleaning just yourself is not enough, make sure that the place where you worked out is properly back in its original settings before you leave.

Put all the weights back in the racks, reconfigure the gym equipment to default settings, clean the exercise mat off any sweat of yours and be sure to remove any unnecessary item lying down there.

Exercising is immensely important but you need to regard these practices equally importantly and follow the right health and lifestyle practices to get the most incredible body you can imagine for yourself.

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