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The Power Of Choice

by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, December 02, 2007


There is no greater liberty than choice and no greater choice than love.

To begin to reason with unreasonable men taints the value of our time, we are forever trying to understand those who would but ignore human needs and the eerie cries of humanity. Most of us sit quietly on the fence of life while millions are extinguished around the world by machines or weapons of mass destruction that we support with our taxes and in some cases that we helped to design and implement. While we socialize, criticize, demonize, analyze, and politicize our united problems away, we run the risk of global genocide, because those who stand in the shadow of our lives have hid there, growing in strength with the intention to rule us all. They intend to bring about modern slavery, worldwide destruction, unending tyranny, and they intend to do it without your notification.

Cognitive dissidence is forever our enemy, yet that is our aliment (Cognitive dissidence) it suppresses the silhouette of independent decisions or perception; it disrupts the individual thinking abilities to consider something that is different from our most powerful but programmed beliefs.

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term describing the uncomfortable tension that may result from having two conflicting thoughts at the same time, or from engaging in behavior that conflicts with one’s entrenched beliefs. Well into our lives, we have deep rooted belief systems which when confronted with a difference of perceptions we tend to protect our own deep seated beliefs, even if that which opposes those beliefs are factual and true, we automatically throw it out like trash.

There is no better way to live except to live free, while such freedoms can only be expressed in a life of truth and the love for all reflections of one's self, primarily for the love of the reflections of God. If we could but grasp this one notion we could eliminate international boarders, dismantle all weapons of Mass Destruction, be sophisticated enough to forgive misdeeds of the past, and cast out all governments around the world. There would no longer be any requirement for racism for only one race would then exist, no reason to hold onto cultures because it would simply become one culture and one love.
We have the power to save ourselves because God has ordained humanity with intelligence, the ability to reason and to choose the best option. We can choose to survive in unity with intelligence or die in our hate with ignorance, we can decide to live in peace or forever exist in war, and ultimately we must choose forgiveness and devotion to one another if we are to survive beyond the age of WMD’s.

Each soul that I save or attempt to save is actually my own, reflections of myself, drops of pure water that was spawned from the same eternal creative source (ocean), that at anytime if need be, I could always call on the strength of that magnificent and omnipresent ocean of collective purity and love to guide me while protecting me. I find that we all have these affinities as we all are brothers and sisters under the creator, that ocean of love and eternal knowledge; (we are extensions of the same ocean and of one another). Of course even if you chose to blind yourself, (believing there is no God) never coming to the truth and never coming to the call of unity, you still stand under the tree of family-hood as all men come from one blood and from one mud ( man is made from dirt or dust).
And so if we all recognize the facts, that if one among the least of us on this earth is hurt we all are wounded and should many be killed the rest of us should moan, because there in among human daily actions exist the proof that we are well on our way to extinction.

This world can not stand much longer without the collective mind of God, without his collective knowledge, and the unification of one love under heaven, as it was meant to be from the beginning. We will not be able to resist the need to globally unite as the time of times stands holstered, straddling the doorways of our lives. I don’t profess to be a prophet or to know more than anyone else in view of the fact that I myself have been told, taught by a student of truth as I am teaching you now.

The knowledge that I bring to you, is one that we can not escape, nor can we continue to evade, it must be reckoned with soon or it shall reckon with us. It is the evidence of real freedom that we have lived without our entire lives, always in pursuit, chasing it with every fiber of our being and never ever actually finding it. Did the Constitution make us free from the oppressive tentacles of the British Empire, from the sick imaginations of tyrants within our government, did the Bill of rights save the lives of those free men and women who happen to be black slaves, has the world ever known truth or freedom or has the world always been enslaved to oppression, to control and to greed. Has anyone ever profited from the love of money, I dare say not, for by one man’s greed is another mans victimization, by a government’s lust for control is the people snared. Life is wasted on the living if that live is about death and ruined, but is this our karma? To be judge, jury and executioner, global policemen over the entire world; where did this confounded notion come from?

We have yet to remove the star from the eyes of America as we find our constituents in every country around the world trying to remove the stars we see in the eyes of others.
This is an online video class given by Irwin Schiff on the legality of the income tax

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By Mark J on December 04, 2007 at 06:31 pm
Good words to live by.
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By Credo on December 06, 2007 at 03:36 am
I appreciate that, thanks. By the way, how is the weather in San Fran....? Credo
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