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5 Crucial Elements of a Business Advertising Campaign

by Jirakee jones (writer), , September 15, 2016

Start-up businesses are now able to implement an advertising campaign which used to be exclusive for big corporations.

Business advertising campaigns are no longer limited to print and TV advertising. Nowadays, the internet offers a more effective and result-driven advertising campaign for all sizes of businesses big or small. Through the internet, even start-up businesses are now able to implement an advertising campaign which used to be exclusive for big corporations.

Although advertising has been democratised and available to almost all businesses, not all campaigns can become successful. You still need to make sure that some crucial elements are implemented properly. Here are five crucial elements of a business advertising campaign you should take into considerations:

1. Audience Targeting

It is important that you have a defined audience. If your products are for general consumers, your cpm campaigns should reach a much wider exposure. This type of cpm is less expensive, but if you have a more specific target or niche, your cpm is a bit more expensive.

If you have already determined your target audience according to your budget, your advertising campaigns should start being exposed to such an audience. In this way, products and services are seen by the right people who can buy them afterward.

2. Eye-Catching Advertising Banners

Your advertising banners should not just be a simple picture of your products or a plain text. It should catch the attention of page visitors. To make it possible, you should use quality and eye-catching images. You don’t need to do it on your own if you are not good at photography.

There are photographers everywhere. If you live in Australia, particularly in Canberra, you can hire a Canberra photographer to help you with the image you need. In other words, let the professionals work with the images you will be using for your banners.

3. Simple and Clear Call to Action

Your banner ads should not only catch attention but also encourage action. Think of a statement that can easily be understood by your audience, so they can respond to it. To achieve this, your call to action should have:

  • Benefit
  • Design Emphasis
  • Clickable Button

To show benefits, you should include any statement such as “sign up for free e-books,” click to get free estimates, or get a free trial. To make a design emphasis, use a strong color that catches attention or an easy-to-read font. Of course, don’t forget a clickable button where they can respond to your call to action.

4. A Complete Landing Page

It would be useless to have an elaborate advertising campaign if your landing page is under construction, full of glitches, or has thin content. Your banner ads should reflect your landing page. If your ads are good enough to get visitors to your site or landing page, your site should fulfill the service. What your ads seem to promise must be found in your site. A good landing page or site is the one that provides more information about your products and services and not just another advertising page.

5. Conversion Tracking

You should track your advertising campaigns by monitoring the number of impressions and clicks you generate. Moreover, you should also keep all information you generate from your CTA such as emails, phone numbers, and addresses of the people who signed up or subscribed. You can use them for your lead generation projects.


Advertising campaign doesn’t have to be too complicated as long as the above elements are implemented properly. Nevertheless, there are still more strategies you can apply to make your advertising campaigns successful.

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