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When You Rely on Your MacBook for Work Get a Skin

by lenardjohnson (writer), , September 12, 2016

It doesn’t matter what style you pick, as long as it’s one that makes a good first impression.

It’s one thing to ask people not to judge you. It’s another thing entirely to enforce it. According to a recent article published in Forbes magazine, your boss makes a judgement call about your competence in less than one second — 250 milliseconds to be precise. In such a short period of time, the only thing that they base their conclusion on is your appearance. To help them make the right assessment, you intentionally wear your clothing, hair, and accessories the way you do. But have you thought at all about your tech? When you MacBook’s a part of your daily office routine, it’s as much of your appearance as the shirt you choose to wear.

Straight out of the box, your MacBook looked the part of the sophisticated computer. Clean, sleek, and fingerprint-free, it was a beautiful laptop. Please read the emphasis on the past tense. Now, after a couple of years of going to and from the office, it’s a far cry from what came out of the box. Even with your best intentions, you’ll have picked up a few scrapes and scuffs that look less than professional to your boss, colleagues, or clients.

Covering up these marks are essential to crafting the look you want to broadcast to your office, and there are plenty of options that will do just that. However, when you find the best MacBook skins online, this particular accessory will do more than just hide away your past mistakes. Skins can prevent any more scrapes, scratches, and dents from damaging your computer.

That’s because the top rated skins for MacBooks are made from 3M vinyl, which is a hardy material that can withstand the worst that sharp objects and rough surfaces can throw at it — even if you aren’t able to stop yourself from placing your laptop into precarious situations that threaten its appearance. Instead of the aluminum chassis of your computer, the MacBook skin will take on the sharp edges of the keys, pens, and coins that share space in your bag – and win!

A MacBook skin wraps around your laptop, adhering to the chassis and Force Touch Trackpad without any gloopy glue. Since it will be the first thing that your office mates will see, it’s important that you choose a 3M vinyl that looks good. Some MacBooks skin designs are better left for your private life, which is why you need to hunt down those skins that can be customized to your tastes. Instead of settling for immature and inappropriate designs, you should be able to get a style that matches your personality and your desk job. Luckily, skins can take on the look of sophisticated mahogany, carbon fiber, or leather so your new and improved laptop suits your work environment.

It doesn’t matter what style you pick, as long as it’s one that makes a good first impression. Explore your options online, but make sure to stick to those made out of 3M vinyl. It’s the only way you can affix a work-appropriate design to your laptop, cover up old damage, and protect it from acquiring any new ones without breaking the bank.

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