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4 Reasons to Move Your Contact Centre to the Cloud

Over the past few years the cloud has become increasingly relevant and popular, many businesses have moved a lot of their files and services to the cloud.

If a business hasn’t yet embraced the cloud they may well be planning to do so in the coming years. Contact centres are no different, more and more are migrating to the cloud and who can blame them? There are so many advantages of moving to the cloud, here are just 4 of many…

1. Cost Saving

For some companies setting up a physical contact centre can take months and even seven figure budgets, then there is the cost of maintaining that physical location too, everything from utilities, salaries of maintenance staff such as cleaners, maintaining, replacing and fixing equipment, and even keeping the kitchen stocked with milk and sugar for the endless cups of tea agents seem to consume daily. Some of these costs can be reduced or eliminated when you start using a virtual contact centre software system as they create the flexibility for agents to work from home or remotely, this means you don’t need such a large building, less electricity will be used and they’ll be using their own tea supplies.

2. Flexibility

As mentioned in the last point, moving a contact centre to the cloud allows an employee to work away from the office at home or elsewhere, as the system is hosted online they will be able to access all of the files and information that they need while still being able to log any details or data into the system as well. This ability to work away from a central location means that you can also hire more specialist agents, so if you need someone who is fluent in French or a BMW expert, the pool from which you can hire is a lot wider than if you could only employ from your local area.

3. Scalability

Different businesses have different peak times throughout the year, retailers would typically become busier during the Christmas season dealing with lots of product related issues with their customers and Universities can see a rise in people contact them when applicants receive their results. So during these times those businesses need to scale up and require more agents to take on the work load, but doing this can be costly with the need for purchasing extra equipment and you need somewhere for them to work.

However, if your contact centre was based in the cloud scaling up would be less of a financial strain, software and systems can be adapted to any size business and can be altered when the business grows. It is also easier to hire temporary workers for those busy times because you are able to employ remote agents, this means you won’t need any extra space for them and you won’t need to buy anything extra, they can work from home, use their own computer or laptop, and their landline.

4. Customer Experience Improvement

With the growth in using many different channels to deliver great customer service then using a multi-channel contact centre in the cloud is perfect, it allows you to centralise information coming in from everywhere such as Twitter, email, Facebook and even text messages. This centralisation of information gives agents as much detail as possible to be able to support and help customers to the best of their ability and provide them with exceptional service.

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