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Automatic Sliding Doors – security, safety, & financial gain

by Swapnil Jukunte (writer), Mumbai, September 06, 2016

Automatic Sliding Doors

Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of your conventional doors? Check out how automatic sliding doors are a perfect substitute along with its advantages.

You have been to shopping malls. Does anyone hold the door open for you as you enter? There are thousands of footfalls per day and opening and closing the door every time will be tedious. You cannot leave the door open as well, as it will make the air-conditioning useless. So what happens? As you approach, a glass door automatically opens for you and immediately closes after you. These are what you call automatic sliding doors.

Not only in shopping malls, but you will also find these doors in hospital entrances, museums, metro rails and corporate offices. So why are more people opting for these doors? Why is it gaining popularity? Find out.

The technicality

Understanding the underlying technicality is important to justify its cost. As of now, automatic sliding doors come at a price rate of INR 6,500 to INR 16,900 per square meter. A descent installation will cost you around INR 65,000 with company installation charges extra.

What are you actually paying for? In addition to high-strength glass panels and strong aluminium frames, these automatic door systems come with sensors and electric motors. You have seen in movies that valuable items being protected by invisible light rays, which, if obstructed by any object, triggers an alarm. Same principles work here.

Two such light-ray sensor combinations are placed at either side of the automatic glass sliding doors. When you arrive, the first light is obstructed, which switch on the electric motor and the door opens. As you enter, the second light is obstructed, and the reverse happens.

Therefore, you are paying for two or more highly accurate sensors and low power consuming motor as well. Hence the price.

Why install these doors at all?

Do not judge by the price range only. Not only will it give your company a modern look, but will enhance your aesthetics as well. But these alone are not strong enough reasons to invest in automatic sliding doors.

  1. These doors open and close automatically. On top of that, it comes with a manual control which enables a central operator to shut off the sensors and close the door by the press of a switch. This central operator can be you or any other person or both. Hence, added security.
  2. With this, you eliminate your requirement of a security guard at the door who has to open and close the door every time. This saves you around INR 10,000 monthly which otherwise would have gone to pay his/her salary.
  3. Also, you can forget about keeping all doors closed for your air-conditioning to function economically. With automatic glass sliding doors in place, human error is reduced, and doors will remain closed when not in use. Imagine how much you can save on your electricity bill.

Convinced yet? There is one more reason. You can sync these automatic door systems with your metal detectors and fire alarms, that open or close automatically without any human requirement.

“Automation is a boon to mankind. Investing in it will definitely fetch results.”

Invest once in automatic sliding doors. You will see positive financial results on your balance-sheet in near future. It is time to replace your conventional doors now.

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