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Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Below are 7 affiliate marketing mistakes commonly made by the affiliate marketers and how to avoid them.

Running an affiliate marketing business can be a pretty wonderful experience especially when you are seeing your hardwok pay off every now and then. It's perhaps the best business that you could ever run online with little most effort required as you don't necessarily have to produce your own products. But it can still be your worst nightmare if you don't know know how best to work it out and how to leverage the thousands of opportunities it throws out there.

Over the years, I've seen many affiliate marketers throw in the towel and deem this marketing business too hard to get around to get paid anything significant. And after talking to a handful of them, I came to know that it's the mistakes they were and still are making, following completely the opposite direction than they should have to get it to work out for them. Needless to say, simple but disastrous mistakes are what are making many people give up on this lucrative business.

So if you are planning to delve into this business as well, you are going to want to hold everything for a sec and read this!

Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced expert, what you do after you've made the mistake is what matters. Will you let it slide or will you want to learn the right way and apply it? The decision is entirely up to you! And to be more clearer, you may want to know the common mistakes affiliates make so that you avoid them or make sure not to make them if you've not made them already.

Below I have given the most common affiliate marketing mistakes that I've seen even experts make.

So here you go...

1. Having a Seller's Mentality

What happens online is that many affiliate marketers want to make more money, and in this spirit, they will get affiliate programs that give the best commissions despite the fact that the price of the product may be higher than other programs. What you need to know is that your business will be dealing with human beings who will have to consider the product you are promoting and then go out there to other sites to evaluate the situation there as well. If they find a better deal than yours, they won't be coming back to you.

And this should strike a sense of care and understanding to your business, to the way you handle your clients. If you want to make sales you will have to think like a buyer. You will want to see that your products have got the best terms and deals to work with in that niche among all your competitors. Also, see that you help the buyer go through the purchase process easily and smoothly. Above all else, be more of a good helpful servant than a merchant and you'll see many buyers coming back to you.

2. Having Little Knowledge of Your Product

Another trap I've seen many people fall into is getting a product that they barely know about. Just because a product is going to bring huge amounts of commissions doesn't mean it will sell as much. For a product to be bought through you, you need to show a good understanding of it. You need to have known it better, probably more than anyone else. This way you are going to describe it well, in terms of appearance and functionality, and you will help clients to know if it's going to be the best fit for them.

Providing more information and insights on the product than the average marketer is what will help you promote your business perfectly. So be sure not to go for a product you know little about. It's better you get a product worth a little in price and you understand it quite well than a well paying one which you know nothing of. Who knows, someone might buy the low price product in bulk.(I see that happen quite often)

3. Loosing Track of Your Sales

This mistake has been made by almost every affiliate when they were newbies, and this is one gemstone that you could leverage to unlock a whole treasure chest. When someone buys a product through you, you are happy you made a sale which will bring in commissions, but you don't know that this is a loophole of sales that could benefit you. Basically, when someone buys, they must have clicked on a link in a certain page of your site to go through the sales. This means that the article they were reading really convinced them.

And if this is the case, you need to know which page is is, what is really interesting about it and how you can make all of your pages like it so that you can amplify your sales. And you can only do that by tracking using an ID. Amazon gives you the chance to track where the sales came from, so go ahead and make the most of this feature!

4. Creating Thin Less Interesting Content

This has been the challenge of many people for decades. I am an affiliate marketer at wealthy affiliate and going by the many ** wealthy affiliate success stories ** I've heard and read from those who've succeeded in their niches, one thing is for sure, content creation can be mind boggling! Thousands of people find it hard to get the right voice across their content to make sales more likely to happen. If you don't know how to blend in with the reader, you can't make them a potential buyer and finally a buyer.

So don't make the mistake of writing an article, if you don't know how to. This will make your site of poor quality down the road. It would be better to hire a freelance writer to do it for you, they are very cheap to hire and quality is assured. Only make sure that the content you post for your affiliate site is on-point if you want to be ahead in the game.

5. Misinforming and Deceiving Your Readers

I was reading through a site that was indexed just recently and I was greatly amazed. A guy was giving a review of a program that he had an experience with before, and said that he never made a dime off it but down at the bottom of the site, he had a banner of the same program saying "Learn How I Make $300,000 a month With This! " The contrast is clearly visible in that and if I was a potential referral for the program. I most definitely wouldn't have joined through him as he doesn't know what he's promoting.

And see that you don't follow the same path.

Readers are quick to spot the slightest bit of misinformation you publish and this can loose your credibility to them making it hard for you to get anything from it. Never give information you are not sure of. Always do a thorough research before you go on posting claims. And see that you also back your claims with visual proof to help with the convincing.

6. Not Making Comparisons

When someone wants a product in a certain niche and they aren't sure which of the many promoted products to settle for, they want people to help them compare these popular competing ones and make the final decision. And this is where the benefits of comparing products come in. If you take time to have two products compared in terms of quality and performance, and make the difference come out quite vivid, you'll help someone be certain of what they want.

Now if you having two products with links of each of them, chances of you making sales are 90% as the potential buyer is going to see the product which is best for them, from either of the two, and then settle for one and click through the sale, which at the end of the day is what you are hunting for. Let's look at the few of the wealthy affiliate reviews that people have written and comparing their product to the other products.

7. Going For so Many Affiliate Programs

Personally, when I started out years ago, I'd get like five affiliate programs for just one product in the name of maximizing the chances of landing a sale. And I can tell you it becomes quite hectic to manage the links and track each of them among other tasks you have to handle. This may be a good way to increase sales chances but it has never paid as much as getting one good program and sticking with it, putting all your effort into it.

Well, there you have it! These are the most common mistakes that you may fall victim of making and which could cost you a great deal! So you will want to have them always in your mind and see that you avoid them at all costs if you want to succeed and get to do it anytime soon.

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