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Tips to Lead a Healthier Life Suggested by Health Expert

by Justin Carlos (writer), Kolkata, September 05, 2016

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Tips to Lead a Healthier Life Suggested by Health Expert

To stay healthy is most important things in these days. People are becoming more conscious to stay fit. Individuals are including vegetables and fruits in the diet in place of sugary food and snacks.

We’re always being warned about harmful foods in our diets and what they are doing to our health. In previous years, health officials have been very negative on fat and saturated fat, trying to make us limit our intake. A new warning released earlier in 2016 is all about our sugar intake. The average American eats around 20 teaspoons of sugar each day, but we’re now being advised to drastically reduce this amount to just 6 teaspoons in order to improve our health. The advice is particularly important for children, who consume unhealthy snacks and processed food with hidden sugars. It’s difficult to always know what is in our food bought from the shop, but here are five tips to help you improve your and your children’s sugar intake to the daily recommended amount.

Make Your Own Sauces

Pasta is a favorite dish not just among Americans, but people around the world. It’s so easy to make and very delicious that it’s often a meal eaten more than once a week by American families. Too many people buy their tomato pasta sauces from the supermarket shelves, when it’s so quick and easy to make your own at home. It’s recently been revealed that a shop bought tomato pasta sauce can contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar, so you need to be very careful when buying sauces from the shop. Instead, make your own, it literally only takes five minutes and it’s far more delicious than the shop bought alternative. Follow this recipe for making a tomato pasta sauce to die for.

Find Alternatives When You’re Craving a Sugary Treat

There are plenty of natural alternatives that you can eat when you’re craving that sugary treat mid afternoon, or just before bed. A great thing to grab instead of a sugar filled chocolate bar is fruit. Many people think that fruit can be a little boring but you can eat it in so many ways. Try freezing things like grapes for a completely different taste and a perfect snack when you’re tempted by a bag of sweets.

Replace the Kids Shop Bought Snacks with Ones You Make Yourself

It’s so easy to throw your kids a bag of crisps or cereal bar when they’re pestering you for a snack, but these foods have hidden sugar content, are expensive and won’t keep them full until dinner time. There are so many more exciting snacks that you can provide them with. Try chopping up some carrot and celery and get them dipping it in humus for a healthy, low sugar snack. Check out these alternatives to sugary snacks to make for your kids, or yourself!

Bake Treats Using Sugar Alternatives

Everybody loves a slice of cake, piece of brownie or freshly baked cookie. Baking doesn’t have to be the unhealthy hobby that many people think it is. There are lots of natural alternatives that you can use to sugar to make your bakes that little bit healthier and to help you reduce your sugar intake. You might also be thinking that baking without sugar isn’t going to taste great, but you’re wrong. By using alternatives such as honey in your mixture, you’ll make a product which is both healthier and delicious. Have a look at these low sugar and sugar free baking recipes if you want to give it a try.

Allow Yourselves Treats to Make Sure the Lifestyle Change Sticks

The key to changing your attitude on sugar and reducing your intake isn’t quitting cold turkey. Although health officials are telling us to cut down, they still suggest that we have a balanced diet with the right amount of fats and sugars. So make sure you treat yourself and your kids to the odd sugary treat to satisfy your cravings and reward yourself for the great changes that you’ve made. Take yourselves on a trip to Chocolate World for the ultimate reward for changing your sugar habits. You’ll be surrounded by sugary goodness and even be able to create your own chocolate bar. It’s definitely worth a trip.

Changing your diet to follow the advice of health officials doesn’t have to be a pain, these five tips have shown you that it is easier than you think. It may be hard work to stick to 6 teaspoons a day when you’re really craving sugar so make sure to give yourself the odd treat.

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