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Study in Canada without IELTS

by kcmanjiri (writer), , August 31, 2016

Study in canada

A cause of distress about studying in international colleges is the prerequisite of large number of examinations like the TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and so forth.

A cause of distress about studying in international colleges is the prerequisite of large number of examinations like the TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and so forth. This frequently makes it an awkward undertaking for students who have a tendency to show up for these tests over and again to procure better scores and pick up entrance into top colleges. In order to make the admission less difficult for the students a few colleges in Canada have begun deferring off the necessity of scores of some of these examinations. One well known waiver is that of the IELTS.

Why this move?

Canadian colleges have found that students who have finished their degrees from a renowned institution and have studied their course in English demonstrate a decent level of English knowledge - be it reading, writing or speaking skills. Thus, they felt it made a sense to get rid of the prerequisite of an English dialect capability test like the IELTS that has a base score necessity of 6.0, to make it simple for students to apply for advanced education in Canada.

Students claims to English language proficiency

Students who apply to colleges in Canada that don't request the submission of IELTS scores, however, need to present certain documents to bolster their case of English dialect capability. These may incorporate imperative declarations, documents expressing that the medium of education in the first or last got degree was English, transcripts and so forth.

A portion of the general principles administering the non-requirement of IELTS scores are that students are either local English speakers; or, students hailing from non-English nations have gotten formal degree training of three or all the more sequential years in English. Plus, students who have finished either an O-Level or A-level examination additionally win an IELTS exception.

Individual universities have their own set of exceptions and prerequisites to demonstrate candidate's English dialect capability.

Will there be visa hindrances if IELTS scores are not provided?

Canada has presented new student visa directions that not just guarantees that international students truly ponder in the nation's colleges, additionally gives them certain levels of flexibility to work. For example, while prior forthcoming students just expected to demonstrate a goal to study in Canada, now they have to demonstrate their enlistment in a college that acknowledges international students to be qualified for a visa. Subsequently, students applying for visas without giving IELTS scores need to guarantee their enlistment in their respective college that does not require the IELTS papers. While their college provides them with a letter of confirmation, students may give supporting records to demonstrate their English dialect capability when apply for a student visa. Besides, students cannot stay on a study license beyond 90 days of finishing their course.

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