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The Working Title

by Caitlin McGuire (writer), Orange County, October 27, 2006


The Working Title, a South Carolina- based band, is just what its name implies: a work in progress. Their full-length debut CD, “About Face,” signed to Universal Records, is a conglomerate of rock that seems to fade in and out of the speakers. Guitarist Adam Pavao describes the subjects of “About Face” as “people, places, experiences, life, death, relationships.” The album covers everything from love (“Turbulence“) to lead singer, Joel Hamilton’s imaginary murder (“The Crash”).
If you watch "Laguna Beach," odds are, you’ve heard The Working Title. Their latest album labeled them as a “band to watch” by “Alternative Press Magazine”, and their music was subsequently featured on the MTV reality show. File “About Face” between Jimmy Eat World, which Pavao names as one of his favorite bands, and We Are Scientists; the album pairs the composition of the former with the industrial tones of the latter.
The standouts on the album are “This Is Not Glorious” and “Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything).” “This Is Not Glorious” dwells at the edge of genre-bending. The bass has a nearly reggae beat, and the synthesizer emits a noise that seems most fitting in a science fiction movie. However, the lyrics are poignant, and as usual, Hamilton’s voice rings out above the dissonance and acts as guidance through the storm. “Mary Getaway” explores the deeper side of the band and is a quieter ballad that gets lost in the first listen through.
The pessimistic lyrics of songs on “About Face” (“I want to write a song about our love/But there is none,” on “There Is None”), tamper with the otherwise Switchfoot-sound of the album. On the positive side, the arrangements are faultless, and guitars act as the spine, rather than the skin, of the album, making for family-friendly rock.
The lyrics read like a diary of self-exploration; slowly but surely, The Working Title is discovering themselves. “About Face” doesn’t break new territory, but it doesn’t disappoint. Take it at face value: The Working Title is still working. But don’t expect them to clock out.

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By Annonymous on October 28, 2006 at 11:32 am
I heard them on Laguna Beach. I wish I could remember the song they played.
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By Annonymous on October 29, 2006 at 12:42 pm
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